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vanilla settlement Overhaul

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LoL...couldnt resist  after  all  the  teasing  ive  dealt  to  my  beloved followers ;)

Yes  My  friends  ... Ive finally  completed  it .

I give to  you.. Sunshine Tidings the  Wild West Version.

Before i begin lemme explain  .

I  tried my  best  to  make everything  i  needed with  ONLY  vanilla assets.
Some stuff  i wanted  to  add  i  couldnt find  the needed materials  and  chose  not  to  do  instead  of  having  it  look  like  crap.
Im hoping  that  this  mod attracts  even  the "immersion freaks" since  i  find  it  very  immersive  and  A LOT  of  fun  .

Now  lets  see  what  we  have...

Imagine walking  into  a  town/settlement  and suddenly  think  youre  in  another  game.

This mod gets pretty  close  to  giving  you  that  feeling  and  i  think  i  pulled  it  off  quite  well  with  the  limited resources  the CK  has  to  offer.

This  time  im  NOT  going  to  tell  what  youre  going  to  find  cause  it  would  really  be  spoiling  the  fun.

Just  remember me  when  you  sit  down  to  have  a shot  of  moonshine  at  the Crazy Bear Saloon..  ;)

Wait  a sec...

Lemme  give  you  some  technical  info..

The workshop  as  all ways  needs  to  be  moved (unless  you  like  it  hovering  over  the   river ).
So  either   commands  or..  workshop moving mod

Next  we  have  the water purifier  (25 water) that  also  supplies 25 food  (for  the  lazy  ones  like myself)
The Generator  as  all  ways has  to  be  linked  from the Resource to  the   Gen.

I  also included  some p.o.s turrets  to   keep  you safe (lol they  suck  ) as  you  setup  .

Again i  also  added  the  NPC Spawner for MORE  settlers..

Thats  it!!

Now  go  look  for  some cowboy clothing  mods  and  youre  all  set :P

A friendly  user  recommended  this  mod for  clothing   to  fit  this  location   found here

Also a nice outfit by  Elianora that  i recommend is  the Gunslinger found in this mega pack Here 

Anyone else that   has  something  to  recommend  or  add please  PM  me


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