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Replaces Liberty Prime with The Iron Giant!

Permissions and credits
Whats New in v1.1
  • Changed the in game name from “Liberty Prime” to “Iron Giant”
  • Easter Egg North West of Vault 111 if Airship Down is completed (works even if the quest has already finished).
  • Spawnable Original Liberty Prime added.

Replaces Liberty Prime with The Iron Giant!

Check out the mesh on my artstation https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RJzey

Options Exclusive to the Nexus:
  • Comes with 4k and 2k versions of the textures
  • Optionally have Liberty Prime's Nukes still on his back, or invisible.

Also available on Bethesda.net for PC and Xbox 1.

Game Notes:
  • Does not require any DLC
  • This mod replaces the mesh file for Liberty Prime, so any mod that uses the vanilla mesh will now be the IronGiant, simply uninstall to revert back to Liberty Prime
  • The Iron Giant will either begin to appear when returning to Boston Airport from The Bomb storage facility during Liberty Reprimed with the Brotherhood quest line. (Up until that point, Liberty prime is in separate pieces and will still be Liberty prime’s meshes) or he will appear during Airship Down with the Institute quest line.
  • You can Spawn The Iron Giant via Console commands, these console commands are the same for spawning Liberty Prime normally
  • player.placeatme 00115B50 - Friendly version that follows you
    player.placeatme 00108017 - Hostile killable version (May bug out when you kill it, same happens with vanilla Liberty Prime)
    player.placeatme 001337F2 - Static
  • You can now spawn Liberty Prime along with the Iron Giant
  • player.placeatme XX00359A - Friendly version that follows you
    player.placeatme XX003599 - Hostile killable version
    player.placeatme XX003598 - Static
    You will need to replace “XX”, with the load order number of the Iron Giant mod, this changes depending on how many mods you have installed. The Nexus Mod Manager can show you what that number is. (in my case it was 08)

General Notes:
  • The proportions of the Iron Giant had to be modified to fit Liberty Prime’s skeleton. I would of preferred to modify the skeleton to fit the model, but it looks like the only way to do that is to modify every single animation.
  • At this time I was not able to get working the Havok tools to find out if editing the animation skeletons is possible. So for now this will have to do.