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Removes Gatling Laser & Minigun spin up and also affects Vertibird miniguns. Now also includes fusion core ammo fix.

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Because it was requested, here's a merged version of my two other mods.

This simply removes the spin up before firing of both the Gatling Laser & Minigun.
Now all the Gatling Lasers & Miniguns in the game fire like any other automatic weapon.
Works on all barrels.

This also affects the miniguns on Vertibirds.

[Gatling Laser Fusion Core Ammo Fix]
Now includes a fix for the gatling laser fusion core ammo bug.
Credits to Doom1991 for explaining the problem and providing the original solution Gatling Laser Fusion Core Fix .
His mod is not required for this mod to work since I basically recreated his fix and included it in my mod.

Added an optional damage version for the Minigun.
It changes the Minigun dmg from 8->16 so that the ratio is maintained between it and the Gatling laser.
Gatling Laser: 14
Minigun(Modded): 16
Laser Gun: 24
Assault Rifle: 30

If you only want the Gatling Lasers or the Miniguns to have no spin up, try my other mods:
Gatling Laser - No Spin Up
Minigun - No Spin Up

If you only want a fix for the gatling laser fusion core ammo bug, try this mod:
Gatling Laser Fusion Core Fix

Extract files into "../Fallout 4" folder.

Delete "_MDCNoSpinUps.esp" from "../Fallout 4/Data" folder.