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Makes Shaun craftable, both static and movable.

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First and foremost, this is an amusement mod, made by me after hours of fixing and cleaning beth shack meshes. I needed some relaxation and this came to my mind. If you forgot your humour home or you find this to be a bad mod, please move on and don't bother.

What it does - allows you to craft static/movable versions of Shaun, as well as one Shaun grenade and one Shaun mine. The workshop items are in Decorations>Wall deco>Mounted Creatures. Explosives are in the chem station.

Issues - you can use the same grenade/mine indefinitely. Not sure why, and can't be arsed to fix it. Movable Shaun is free to craft. Again, cba.

Permissions - you can use it as you see fit. Give me a credit if you will.