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I took a crack at recreating some of my favorite celebrities and saved them as Looks Menu presets.

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The face generator is tedious and horrible, but for some reason I spend twice as much time fiddling with my characters' faces than actually playing the game.  It's an obsession.  Ironically I still stink, despite all the time and effort down the drain.  Practice makes preset.

Anyway, I wanted to see if *real* faces could be reproduced in the game, and picked a few of the most famous/difficult faces from Hollywood as test subjects.  I took liberty with subject age, since A) I don't have any interest in playing as a grandpa/grandma, and B) old people don't look real in FO4 for some reason.


PS.  If anybody has any tips on how to improve some of the more horrible faces, please drop me a line.  I kind of gave up on a couple of them...