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This replaces the DefaultCarExplosions with something I found more fitting -enjoy!

Permissions and credits
Replaces the CarNukeExplosions with Explosion in video

Please note the following:
-Explosions reduced in Size & BlastRadius only
-BlastRadius scales according to ExplosionSize.. Automated (DefaultEngineSetting achieves this, not the Mod)
-No damage values altered
-Can merge easily into any esm/esp with no dependency

Changelog 99f:

-Removed 719 nodes no longer in use, recreated .NIF with new mesh from Fallout4 - Meshes.ba2
-Filesize reduced
-Removed "huge yellow disc" effect (.ESP impact data.. drove me mad thinking it was mesh)
-FullyDisabled AddonNodes (persistent flames from nuclear blast randomly drop out of sky, landing where gravitational pull sends -trust me.. like removing tics from a dogs ass.. relief.  WOOF!)
-Please open and audit -tell me how to do better, lets help each other -thanks!


Download and Activate with NexusModManager
Manual Install:
Extract to Fallout 4\Data\


NexusModManager>Uninstall>Allprofiles/Delete permanently

Manual Uninstall:
Delete CarExplosions.esp and Data\Materials;;Meshes;;Textures\GIbsofGlory directories

Please ensure you Always, always perform clean installation.. or STRONG SMASH HEAD! FILTHY HUMAN!

All materials within my mods for FALLOUT4; regardless of mod-type -are always located in GibsofGlory subdirectories
None of my mods overwrite or replace FALLOUT4 CoreGameFiles, disabling my ESP has no side effects in-game

Compatibility/Conflicts (FAQ)

No known issues or conflicts at this time; please be sure to report any mods that conflict with this so that I may update section upon discovery

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