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Makes molerat disease a perk instead of an active effect to stop the red pill icon from permanently showing.

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This mod turns the molerat disease you get from Vault 81 into a perk instead of an active effect, so you don't have that stupid red pill icon permanently stuck on your HUD.

Well, technically it just hides the debuff from your Pip-Boy and gives you an empty perk so you have some record of the effect, but it's the same net outcome with better compatibility. Taking the cure obviously removes both the perk and the debuff.


If you are installing this on a character who already has molerat disease, you will need to reinfect yourself with the console command player.equipitem 249690 to give yourself the perk. This isn't 100% required; you will still have -10 health and no icon if you don't do this, you just won't have any record of the effect in your Pip-Boy under perks.


This mod is perfectly compatible with most mods that affect how you contract the disease, including: