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This mod makes it possible to cook all stews and soups that normally require Dirty Water to be crafted with Purified Water instead.

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The first time I looked at the cooking menu in Fallout 4, I was instantly dissatisfied.

I wasn't super disappointed in the selection of cooking options available (although I felt the game definitely could have use more), but what really bothered me was the following question:

Why can't I make my soup with clean water? It's pretty dumb that I can't.

This mod fixes this by making it possible to cook all Stews and Soups that normally require Dirty Water to be crafted with Purified Water instead. If you prefer to cook your soups with dirty water, it is still very possible.

DISCLAIMER: The Official Modding Tools for Fallout 4 have not been released, nor will they be released until early 2016. Therefore, this mod was created in 3rd party tools. The Mod is usable, and functions well; however, keep in mind that there may be some hidden issues which may dirty your save-game later. Mod authors, myself included, never intend for this to happen. However,  I felt the need to remind everyone that any Mod that you ever download and install, you download and install at your own risk. This mod is no exception. Backup your clean saves!

Note: I have no reason to suspect that this mod causes any issues with anyone's game; however, the people that downloaded the mod today (on day one), should probably make a backup of a save made before the mod was loaded, as I forgot to include this disclaimer at the original posting time. 

This disclaimer basically applies to any mod on the Nexus right now, but many Mod authors forget to post them. 


The main file is a .7z containing a small 2 kb  plugin file (.esp). You can install manually by extracting the plugin and moving the .esp to the Fallou4/Data folder, or you can just let Nexus Mod Manager take the .7z and install the mod.

Remember that you must enable modding in Fallout 4 before you can use this file. (See this page: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Fallout_4_Mod_Installation#How_To_Enable_Fallout_4_Mods)

Also, you must open the file selector in the Fallout 4 launcher (see this page: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/640/?)


You are free to use this modification for any purpose, so long as you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • You may NOT upload this mod, as is, to any other location without written permission.
  • You may otherwise use or modify this mod to create your own mod and then upload the mod to any location of your choosing, provided that you do the following: 
  1. You credit me as the original mod creator.
  2. You explain what part(s) of my Mod were used in your mod.
  3. You provide a link to the Nexus page of my mod.