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Weapons Expanded aims to elaborate on weapon mechanics in Fallout 4, but most notably, Weapons Expanded adds many new variations of ammo types (think of hollow point, armour piercing and explosive ammo), for both ballistic ammo and energy ammo. As well as being able to switch between these ammo types on the fly, with customisable hotkeys.

Permissions and credits
Author's notes:
- This mod is a Nexus exclusive, I will not spend time to upload my mod to other sites and I will not trust others to do so in my stead, please respect this decision (If you do find this mod on another site, it was stolen and may contain malware)
Currently requires Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC, I will make this optional (per DLC) when Im confident theres no bugs
- I do NOT recommend using this mod on an existing save. While it is possible, you will need to replace all your weapons with new ones for everything to properly take effect (another option is disabling and enabling each of them with the console)

TL;DR, slightly more sensible weapon stats, whole bunch of new ammo, ability to switch ammo types on the fly (customisable hotkeys), better ammo types require higher level to find.
I mean, thats about it for now..
Check list of features for everything thats currently in
Check to-do list for everything that may be added later down the line

 0) Install FO4 Hotkeys before touching anything here

 1) Install FOMOD with a mod manager

 2) Open [Data/Hotkeys.ini] and add these lines at the bottom (Keybinds are case-sensitive!):

O=cqf WeaponsExpandedQuest AttachPrevMod
P=cqf WeaponsExpandedQuest AttachNextMod

 NOTE: O and P can be replaced by any keybind of your own choice (provided it isnt already taken, ofcourse)

 3) Thats it, have fun! (Press P for next ammo type, press O for previous ammo type)

List of features:
 - Modified weapon ranges and out-of-range damage fall-off (Vanilla game uses the same range for all weapons, seems a little odd)

 - More realistic shotgun pellet count (still off a long way, but increased to a point you honestly wont notice the difference)

 - Myriad of new ammo variations:

 - All ammo types (except explosive and frag) used by NPCs

 - Updated leveled lists so you may find the new ammo variations all over the Commonwealth

 - Scripted ammo switching, with customisable hotkeys and the option to switch ammo types at a weapon workbench (Requires FO4 Hotkeys)

 - DEF_INV addon (adds tags to new ammo)

 - Lite shotguns addon (Resets pellet count to vanilla, for low end PCs and people who just dont like the high pellet count)

To-do list (I may or may not do these):
- Make DLC optional (can pick which DLCs you do and dont want) - will do this when Im more confident in the mods stability
- Make ammo crafting addon
- Add more ammo types
- Iron out bugs and stuff
- Perhaps more features?, in addons maybe?

V1.0.0 - Initial release

- Basically not compatible with any mod that changes the receiver mods of weapons or the weapons themselves
- Not compatible with Weapons Of Fate (Could make compatibility patch, but dont have the time for it, sorry!)