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This is an extension of the Underground Railroad mod by T9X69. It includes more tunnels and plugins for DLC tunnels.

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UPDATE 2: I have made a small edit provided by Mythgaard (thanks!) to reduce the amount of NPCs that wander into the Underground Railroad.  Enemies may still follow you down if they are pursuing you, but this will reduce random NPCs waiting for you inside.

UPDATE: I have added a merged version of the file that contains both DLC patches.  However, this acts as a completely new mod.  It does not simply add the two dlc patches to your original main file.  If you use the new merged version, the UR will reset including discovered manholes and anything that was within.  Make sure you are not inside the UR when you load up this version.

This is an extension of the Underground Railroad mod by T9X69.  It is meant to serve as both a player home and an immersive fast travel alternative for survival.  It includes more tunnels and plugins for DLC.  You do NOT need to have the original mod to use this mod.  
Please visit the original Underground Railroad mod page for T9X69's original mod with less tunnels and non-dlc files.

From T9X69's original page:
You must find each of the 10 manholes scattered across Boston in order to unlock their fast travel tunnel. They're currently blocked by chained gates, so you must find the access point to enable future travels to that region. The first manhole is located near Sanctuary. Due to it being a player home, I placed one here so you can easily transfer your supplies you need for on the road travels. It's located across the bridge in Sanctuary down the road in the middle of the street before you hit Red Rocket. All manholes are located in the street. So you don't have to crazy looking in secret areas or bushes. Most are near major areas in that region. So get hunting!

The Underground Railroad was actually much larger than you thought!  Excavation of one of the blocked tunnels revealed a second floor previously used as an overflow complete with pump and generator!

This version of the mod features tunnels to six new locations (8 if using optional DLC plugins) in ADDITION to the original 10 locations. 18 total tunnels when using the DLC plugins.

Plugins are available for tunnels to Far Harbor and Nuka World (Nuka Wolrd and Far Harbor DLC required for plugins only),  There is no installer for these plugins.  You can find them in the "Files" section.  They use the UndergroundRailroad.esp as a master, so have it above the plugins in your load order.

Note: This mod is NOT related to the Railroad faction in the game.  Your interactions with the faction will have no effect on this location.

  • Some of the neon lights over the tunnels occasionally stop working.  Simply enter workshop mode, select the letter and place it again. 

  • When returning from another land (i.e. Far harbor, Nuka World), the map from that area will remain while in the Underground Railroad.  The Commonwealth map will return upon leaving UR.

This is my first foray into modding, so please let me know if there are any other issues.  Chances are it will take me quite some time to figure out issues so please bear with me.  Thank you for downloading!