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Character preset based on actor Mads Mikkelsen.

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I've been asked constantly to release one of my characters, so I've decided to actually do it. Mostly because I took his appearance from an actor Mads Mikkelsen (At least I tried to make them look similar), so it's not something I came up with. I think there is some resemblance, but of course it's hard to make them look identical. I also constantly update his appearance, so you might have to check this page from time to time.  

Mods you need:
Natural Male Textures SHB Vanilla by Avallonkao (I didn't test him with different textures, but they might look good as well) 
Alternative Human Eyes by TwistedMethod
More Custom Eyes Options by Atherisz
I've made a custom texture for his brows so they appear transparent. Included in the pack and changes one of the vanilla brow types (not the one I see being used too often by people). 
The hairstyle you see on some shots is not included and sadly I no more have an access to the hairpack that has it. But a different hairstyle will do (he will probably appear bald in your game at first, but we all know that Pusher movie with bald Mads, right?)

What's his role in my game for those who don't know:
Sole Survivor known simply as Roy died 20 years ago after he became new Father of the Institute. Based on his combat skills and memories the Institute created 8 superior synths who possess portions of his experience. The project is simply called "The Perfect A". Each one of them has their own traits and abilities, where currently the strongest and most advanced agents are Jonathan A1-00, Io Borealis A2-00 and Aya A7-01. Unlike the others, Jonathan has developed himself from Roy's memories about the shapeshifter known as Deacon - a friend of Roy whom he betrays later in his life, that's why he can constantly change his looks. He specilizes in infiltration, sabotage, disguise and destruction of particular events and evidences of a special importance. For a long period of time his role belonged to a different person while he was hiding during his secret operations.