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Adds new custom receiver for the DKS-501 rifle and .50 Caliber Uranium tipped round to go with it.

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  • French

v1.1 coming soon!

XXL DKS-501 is a mod that adds a new craftable .50 Uranium-238 receiver for the DKS-501 rifle + all new .50 Caliber Uranium tipped round.
The DKS-501 is an awesome looking weapon. Yet, it always felt like it could use some hotter rounds... Enter the .50 U-238.

  • .50 Uranium-238 Receiver: craftable, use Weapon's Workbench to modify your DKS-501 rifle.
  • .50 U-238 round: craftable, use Chem Workbench; purchasable, some vendors will have it on sale after you reach lvl 35.

initial release (6-Jan-2017)

  • .50 Uranium-238 receiver for DKS-501
  • .50 Uranium-238 round
  • Nuclear blast radius of 8m, 500 damage. Ignores LoS (kills through obstacles like walls, bits of cover, etc.)
  • Thermal radiation radius of 14m, 8 damage for 8 seconds
  • Nuclear radiation (persistent radiation damage)

DKS-501 Sniper Rifle mod by Lt_Commander is required.

A. Download with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) and install/uninstall in 1 click.
B. Download manually and follow these instructions.

New ammo type does not work with the suppressor attachment.

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