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A collection of various female presets

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This is a small collection of presets I've made for all my female protagonists of all Fallout games, just for fun. Thought it would be interesting to share. 
It also includes the latest iteration of my Fallout 4 character which I am using on all my screenshots. Quite a few people liked her so I'm including her here. However, she will look a bit different since she uses my custom textures.
The mod was done with Face Ripper by Xatmos and FO4Edit by ElminsterAU

The presets replace the last 5 presets and go in an order of Fallouts
Preset 13 - Lex, Vault Dweller, Fallout 1
Preset 14 - Kida, The Chosen One, Fallout 2
Preset 15 - Sara, Lone Wanderer, Fallout 3
Preset 16 - Cameron, Courier Six, Fallout: New Vegas
Preset 17 - Eva, Sole Survivor, Fallout 4

- Drop into your Data folder and activate the esp, or use NMM

- Looksmenu Customization Compendium by AGodComplexPikachu

for json files - LooksMenu by Expired6978

The girls use vanilla hair and textures (for ease of use), I have also included screens with Valkyr textures for reference.

Eva's hair on the third screenshot can be found HERE.

Other customization mods used on screens:
- deLuxe Makeup by Cilbas
- The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition by LogRaam aka Gabriel Mailhot
Oni vanilla hair re-texture by OniNigma
- Railroad (RR) ENB (closest and usable) by Wolfgrimdark

Please do not re-upload and change without my permission
Assets from this mod are free to use for your own stuff, but please credit me with mention and a link.

Credits and Thanks:
Face Ripper by xatmos
Looksmenu Customization Compendium by AGodComplexPikachu
FO4Edit by ElminsterAU
- Bethesda for the great game

Clothes and accessories:
Character and Companion Edits:Hair:
Cosmetic tweaks:PC face and body presets: