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Adds the Enclave as a join-able faction. Quests, player base, followers and more!

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by cluegiver
"When you see the Enclave, you see the United States government.  We are authorized to restore order and civility, by any means necessary."   - Colonel Augustus Autumn

Hello and thank you visiting my mod!  It's my first one so I hope you like and endorse it.

-adds the Enclave to the Commonwealth as a join-able faction.
-adds a submarine faction HQ/ customizable player base just outside of The Castle.
-adds summon-able Enclave soldiers, officers and eyebots that follow you on your adventures.
-adds voiced Enclave quests and actors to the world.
-adds a unique Enclave companion.
-adds Enclave radio station. Complete with 110% more patriotism than competitive stations!
-adds workshop buildable Enclave workshop items.
-adds Enclave gear with custom meshes and textures.
-adds custom advanced Enclave weaponry so you can mow down BOS lapdogs even faster.
-adds 3 unique vendors, one of which sells unique Enclave gear.
-adds a supply chest  which gets restocked by Enclave patrols every few weeks.
-adds 4 Enclave loading screens.


When I first played FO4, I was disappointed to discover that the Enclave was NOWHERE to be found in the Commonwealth.  I found all sorts of old Enclave-esque bunkers and even some X-01 suits, but no actual Enclave.  No remnants, no survivors, nada.  I get that they have been defeated in FO2 and 3, but their near complete omission from FO4 seemed, well...  odd.  As strange as this was, I was confident that somebody from the mod community would really do the Enclave justice and put them back in the game. 

Nearly a year went by so I decided to do it myself.  I've put the Enclave back into the game in the most lore-friendly way I can think of.  The Enclave isn't the powerhouse that showed up halfway through Fallout 3.  While incredibly dangerous, the Enclave in Enclave Resurgent is small in number.  They will need your help as the General of The Minutemen... at first.  Over time, you will complete missions and upgrade their presence and capability in the Commonwealth.  I want this mod to feel like you are rebuilding the Enclave and taking over the Commonwealth.  This jumbled mess is the fruit of my labor and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. 

Go to The Castle armory and search for a note and keycard. That's it. 

V1.3 Mow Them Down.
-Removed Far Harbor DLC requirement for mod!
-New Quest: Mow Them Down!
-Made Commander Jackson kill-able.
-New possible companion: Special Agent Ritter, Enclave Secret Service.
-Player is not automatically placed into Enclave faction at the beginning of the quest line.  You have to complete 'Mow Them Down' to be inducted into the ranks.  Watch that friendly fire!
-Made an option for Enclave haters to fail 'Loud and Clear' and wipe out the sub occupants and be placed into an Enclave enemy faction.  Just tell Jackson, “Absolutely not!  I know about the Enclave and what it does to innocent people!” if you want to go down this path.
-Added a dozen plus new patriotic songs to enclave radio. Hope you like revolutionary war music with lots of piccolo and snare drum.
-GNN now tidies up after Enclave occupation.  Removes clutter and Diamond city radio sets which are replaced by Enclave radios.
-QM Smith no longer carries PA frame.  I could never get this to work as intended so I cut it.
-Teddy now carries more food, booze and chems.
-Jackson now has some more dialogue post quests and won’t just repeat a single “come back later” line.
-Changed lighting inside Trident to a high tech blue and left some areas dark, prompting the player to put in their own   lighting.
-Workshop buildable flags and radios unlock for the player at the end of Loud and Clear quest.
-Enclave Radio is only audible after completion of Loud and Clear quest.
-Tweaked welcome message on Jackson’s terminal.  It’s now PoseidoNet approved.
-Added high-res Enclave paint texture to X-01 armor courtesy of XricsX.  
-Added a new loading screen card that mentions the player’s actions at GNN post Loud and Clear quest.
-Cut the Sentry Bot loading screen.
-Added Enclave eyebots who are tuned in to (you guessed it) Enclave radio.
-Added eyebots to patrols.  They’re tougher than vanilla eyebots and scale to player level.
-Removed murderous sentry bots and gutseys until I can get them to stop fucking killing everything.
-Added Dogtooth’s Enclave Uniform and hat to Enclave leveled lists.
-Added Tumbajamba’s super mutant power armor for Special Agent Ritter.
-New voice actor work added for Enclave NPCs.
-Enclave voice files cleaned, scrubbed and improved by Crater.
-Removed Enclave signal reinforcement grenades and instead replaced it with a sweet holotape interface that allows you to summon enclave patrols right from your Pip-boy.
-Added a buildable Enclave sentry for your settlements.  
-Removed plasma grenades from the Enclave NPC leveled lists.
-Children all over the Commonwealth are now kill-able.  Why? Because fuck em, that's why.
-Changed Teddy outfit.
-Changed Enclave Officer inventory leveled lists.
-Agent Ritter gives random ammo as a companion.

V1.2 Loud and Clear.
-Added new quest called Loud and Clear where you get to help the Enclave take a foothold in the Commonwealth.
-Changed Enclave faction hostility.  Enclave is no longer hostile toward Institute and RR.  BOS is still killed on sight.
-Changed Reinforcement Grenades availability and costs.  They're now more expensive, but tied into the Loud and Clear questline.
-Changed Enclave Radio frequency from 82 to 83.5 to avoid conflicts with Main Quest Hunter/ Hunted.
-Added persistent Enclave patrols to Commonwealth at the end of Loud and Clear.
-Tweaked Enclave officer outfits to where now only Jackson wears the Courser style long coat.
-Tweaked vendor lists.  Added Enclave shirt and brimmed hat to Quartermaster Smith lists.
-It is now possible to fail Recon and Surveillance quest and turn the entire Enclave Faction hostile toward you.  THIS STILL HAS BUGS.  Avoid telling Jackson "Absolutely not!  I know about the Enclave and what it does to innocent people!" as this will fail the quest, but not fully eject you from the faction.
-Added Lore terminal to Trident along with Enclave propaganda billboards to Commonwealth.

V1.1 Bug Squishing!
-General bug and stability fixes.
-Removed lots of conflicts with other mods in FO4Edit.
-Added Enclave Uniform by Raziel 990088.
-Added Enclave Hat by EwewOn.
-Commander Jackson no longer repeats quest dialogue post quest.
-Enclave Officers now have their own voice type and dialogue.
-Enclave Flag will no longer replace MM flag and is now a standalone item.

V1.0 Initial release

-More workshop buildable Enclave items.  Barricades, turrets, etc.
-Quest to add orbital strike weapon to The Enclave's arsenal.

-Quests to assault/ assassinate other factions.
-Quests to add unique perks (think BOS hunter bonuses)
-End-game faction quest for Enclave.


Q.  Why do I have to side with the MM to join the Enclave?
A.  Because there's another settlement that needs our help.  I'll mark it on your map.  Seriously though, it makes the most sense.  The Enclave HATES the BOS and would see both the RR and the Institute as a threat.  The MM are patriotic, led by the pure-strain human PC, and (the best part) expendable.
Q.  This seems like a quest mod.  Is it a quest mod?
A.  Originally, yes.  I kept adding stuff to make the faction more believable and before I knew it, I made a huge mod that did a bunch of stuff. 
Q.  Why are there so few quests?
A.  Building quality quests takes time. Each update will add a new quest to the mod. 

Q.  Do I need to start a new game?
A.  No, but I would recommend it if you've completed the main storyline or if you've sided hard with the BOS.  You'll be mowing down your BOS buddies a lot.
Q.  The Enclave was so evil in the past.  Will they try to kill everything again?
A.  Sort of.  Remember in FO3 it was Eden that wanted to kill everyone.  COL Autumn and the rest of the Enclave just wanted to take over the purifier.  That said, the Enclave in Enclave Resurgent will kill anyone or anything flagged with BOS faction tags on sight.  YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!
Q.  Why won't you make the mod the way I want you to make it?
A.  I'm not your personal mod-making machine. 
Q.  Why is your mod so shitty?
A.  Don't like it?  Go make a better one after you go fuck yourself.

- some .lip files on some actors need to be re-done.  The lip syncing will look a little off for some lines.
-Some buildable items on the Trident won't recognize the floor and can't be built.  Using mats and rugs as anchors seems to bypass this.
-The Enclave Radio station uses the in game frequency 83.5.  Any other mod using that frequency will obviously conflict.
-The Dismiss Enclave Patrol function on the Command Interface Holotape isn't fully implemented yet.  You'll have to manually disable your Enclave followers.  Just bring up the console, click on them and type disable and they should go away.  Alternatively, you could just shoot them in the face.

This is a big mod that does a lot of stuff.  I've done my best to keep everything self-contained and as minimally invasive as possible.  That said, I'm bound to have fucked something up.  If you find something, point it out in a constructive way and I'll take a look at it.


You are invited to join us over at our discord page. Patriots jonnyguitar and tedd have set up base camp at the following poseido-net coordinates...


Creation Kit - Me
Scripting - Me
Voice acting - Me (poorly), Bobby Vetrano as QM Smith and Spence Cranston as Enclave Officers.
Writer - Me
Catering - Me
Producer - Me
Director - Michael Bay
Dolly Grip - Me
Best Grip - Me
Fight Scene Coordination - Me
Musical Score - Me
Casting - Me
Casting Couch - Me

Seddon 4494 for his amazing mod tutorials.
Nuka Mage for the same.
radioactivenuke for the great radio station tutorial.
Moraelin for sharing the wonderful shadowed X-01 textures.

Raziel990088 for sharing the great Enclave Officer uniform.
ErewOn for letting me use his wonderful Enclave/ SS Officer cap textures.

XricsX for the fantastic X-01 textures.
DogtoothCG for the excellent Enclave Officer uniform.
Crater for the voice file clean-up work.
Tumbajamba for the superb Super Mutant Power Armor.
Ted505 for all his help behind the scenes!
jonnyguitar for wrangling all the Discord folks.