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Adds mobile suits from 08th MS Team as playable power armor.

Suits Included:
Zaku II

Permissions and credits
Universal Century 0079: As the One Year War rages on, mass production of Gundam Mobile Suits Power Armor has begun. Adds mobile suits from 08th MS Team as playable power armor. They are located in an explosive chest outside Vault 111.  Like literally right next to the elevator.

Suits Included:
Zaku II 

UPDATE:  Added Red Char Paint for the Zaku II.

Looking for more Gundams? Please check out my other Gundam power armor mod on Bethesda.net.


All suits include a jetpack option that is craftable at the power armor station.  The RX-79 and Ez8 include a second jetpack with an attached container that increases carrying capacity.

A paint job is available for the GM to convert to GM Sniper unit.  This makes teams 6, 7, and 8.  You can add the GM head to the RX-79 for the classic GM Head look.

Left Arm mods are available for the Gundams and GMs to add shields.  The side version looks good when the arms are down but has major clipping issues in first person due to the way the gun animations work.  I created a second placement at the back of the arm that looks good when holding weapons but a little hard to see when at the side.

NO DLC Required.  Available for XB1 and PC.  PS4 does not allow custom assets or it would be uploaded there as well.

Comments and known issues:
I know that the GM's legs are not correct.  I just repainted the Gundams legs, but they are close enough. 

There will be clipping issues when getting into and out of power armor.  I've tried to minimize this as much as possible but it will still be there, especially on the GM chest. 

The Zaku headlamp is located in the mono eye, I suggest switching it to the red lamp for some good screenshots.  The other headlamps are hidden in the chest.  If I get time, I may try and switch them to the backpack to match the show. 

The Zaku II crotch plate will disappear if you zoom too close.  I don't know how to fix this.

If you have issues with the Jetpacks try restarting the game.  Sometimes they behave strangely when adding new jetpacks to already existing ones.