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Plays 24/7 Magnolia radio tracks!

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Sorry Nexus users, I forgot to add the BA2 file along with the ESP. If your radio didn't work, that would be why. :(
Download V2 or up to fix this issue!

- Description -

Plays 24/7 Magnolia radio tracks!


- Features -

- Um...have you read the description? :^)
- Adds a radio for settlement workshops too!

You can see the very basic features of it in this lovely video made by Oxhorn (13:06):


- Incompatibility -

This mod may be incompatible with some other radio mods, specifically the ones that use frequency 87.71.

V7 made the frequency change to include the decimal values, further reducing incompatibility to next to nothing levels.


I liked Magnolia's songs...like...a lot.

If there are any bugs leave them in the bugs section below!