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Update 2.8 is up Changes can be found at post section and change log
In this collection we will focus on putting your settlers to work and non-housing buildings.
(though the bus would make a nice office/camper for a merchant)

Set up your own Red Rocket or listen to the organ in your new church. Or perhaps deal with
the weapons merchant that lives in the old bus on the edge of town. And remember, no
shoplifting at Old Man Mulligans Drug Store if ya know what's good for ya.

To get this properly work you need All DLC's
Except that massive texture DLC

This mod includes:
  • A large and a small Red Rocket with working doors.
  • A full size church with accesories that snap in place.
  • A bus that can be used for new bus bench stores.
  • A pipe organ that plays custom music (free online selections) - 5 for now with more to come.
  • The corner drug store fully repaired.
  • Drumlin Dinner with windows repaired
  • RV with windows and wheels/tires
  • Lonely Chapel

More will be added later...
This is a WIP and things will be added as they are completed.
Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

Where can I find These?
This mod has it's own section in the main build menu - HZS Offices and Stores.

Other mods that go nicely with this:
DIYourshelf by Dinosaurz

Known Conflicts:
None at this time.

-Use NMM
-Manualy extract to your fallout 4 data folder
-Make sure that the plugin is enabled

Please read uninstallation description if you choose to uninstall later!

-Always backup a couple of your last saves where everything is working before installing any new mods!!!!
-Then make sure when entering the game that everything is working and the new mod is present and with all it's features!!!!
-That is the best way to make sure you don't lose hours of your game if something goes wrong....
(It takes about 5-10min to test properly that everything is alright after installing any new mods!!)

Go to chem station and craft the chem, it is under UTILITY "Uninstall HZS - Office and Stores".
Use it first, then save your game, exit game and unistall with NMM (or manualy delete files).
( this is not necessary if upgradeing or going back to a save where this mod hasn't been installed yet!!! )

If you somehow forgot to use that chem and lost categories, help can be found at the link below:
Universal missing menus fixer

My Other Mods:
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NavMeshFixer (Do It Yourself NavMesh)

Bethesda for the game and Creation Kit
BodySlide/Outfit Studio
BA2 archive extractor
Material editor

This mod is Exclusive for Nexus only, You are not allowed to upload or modify this mod without explicit authorization!