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The main purpose of this was to create a save where only the main quest had been completed and with the remaining 3 factions to be at peace.
A secondary goal was to progress with minimal impact on the world, such as building on settlements and completing side quests.
This was done for personal use in order to create an ideal starting point for modding.

The main story has been completed by destroying the institute with the minutemen. Completing the quests in a certain order has allowed the brotherhood, minutemen and railroad to co-exist without having to destroy one or the other. Unfortunately, the institute has to be destroyed to achieve this.

For the most part only quests that were required to be completed in order to progress in the story have been finished with some exceptions:

  • P.A.M's railroad side quests to unlock ballistic weave has been completed
  • Gained max affinity with X6-88 to unlock shield harmonics companion perk
  • Several settlements have been unlocked and defended to progress with the minutemen
  • With the exception of the castle having cannons placed on its walls, all other settlements have been left untouched
  • Automatron, far harbor and nuka-world starting quests have been received but not yet started
A limited amount of console commands were used, such as god mode, however this will not effect achievements or further game play.
Some other key features include:

  • Starting Level 38
  • No perks have been selected
  • No bobble heads have been collected
  • Two versions of the save are available, default Nate and Nora
  • As there has been no change to the amount of special points since leaving vault 111, you can safely use showspecialmenu console command to reallocate points

You will begin outside the red rocket with an even amount of ammunition for all weapons and a good supply of medication.
In your inventory there will also be a few of my personal weapons

A container has been placed in the center of the red rocket (see images) which contains unique weapons and armor acquired during the story.

I have not tested these saves so please let me know about any issues you may encounter.
Thank you and enjoy

[left]Small Update

Ive added my latest personal save. In this save the main quest has not been completed and instead I have stopped short of beginning the quest mass fusion so that all factions are currently friendly and available to choose. However I have finished the 4 story DLC's, automatron, far harbor, Vault-tec workshop and Nuka-world. Sided with mechanist alive, sided with Dima, conducted humane experiments and Killed off the raiders in nuka-world after unlocking all the sections of the park. Other changes from the previous save include:

  • Starting Level 100
  • Perks have been assigned
  • All magazines and bobble-heads have been collected
  • All companions (minus Danse and Gage due to story restrictions) have been collected with max affinity and left at the red rocket settlement
  • All settlements are unlocked and left mostly untouched
  • A selection of my personal weapons and those collected through quests are available at red rocket