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Lore-friendly eyes for previously soulless ghouls.

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Tired of ghouls with awfully dehumanizing dark eyes? Wondering why some have suddenly lost their classic cataract filled peepers? Look no further. 

This is a simple mod which replaces the black eye texture of some ghouls with a brighter yet still glazed alternative. This should make ghouls such as Hancock and Daisy look more reminiscent of their counterparts from previous Fallout instalments. 



Use NMM. For a manual install, simply extract the contents into your DATA folder. 

Read the readme even if you have prior experience with texture modding. There is an .ini change that must be made in Fallout 4 before the textures become active. 


- ALTERNATE EDITION: A much more realistic version with blue irises and dull pupils. These eyes even more closely resemble the eyes seen in the previous 3D instalments. My personal favourite. 

- NUCLEAR EDITION: Go nuclear. Gives the eyes a yellow tint and darkens them slightly in order to more closely resemble the feral ghouls of Fallout 4. Consider it a cross between the old and the new. 


A very special thank-you to Sajcon for featuring the mod in his video. (9:55)