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Tweaks most junk items to be more realistic based on their model and real life counterparts.

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Weight Overhaul - Junk Items

By TheWulfPanda

What this mods does:

This mod edits the weight values of almost every junk item in Fallout 4.

What this mod doesn't do is make most items in the Junk section weightless,
instead it edits the weight values to be more appropriate to what that item
is and, based on its model and real life counterpart, changes the weight to
be more realistic.

You can expect items such as spoons and knives to be weightless as, realistically
you would be able to hold a massive amount of spoons/knives/forks on
yourself. However other items such as bones have a huge difference,
the femur now weighs 0.6 for example and the tibia weighs 0.4.
These values are based on actual weights of an adult femur/tibia.

In the coming days you can expect to see other Weight Overhauls that I eventually
want to make. And the overall plan is to make a Weight Overhaul Complete Edition
that contains all my Weight Overhauls in one modular package.


Weight Overhaul - Junk Items currently requires ALL DLC. Eventually (within a day or two)
I shall make a version(s) that requires no DLC, all DLC, and individual DLC files.


To install, simply DRAG the .esp files from THIS mod into your Fallout4\Data folder
or use a mod manager (e.g. Nexus Mod Manager) to install.


To uninstall, simply DELETE the .esp files from THIS mod from your Fallout4\Data folder
or use a mod manager (e.g. Nexus Mod Manager) to uninstall.


This mod should be compatible with 99.98% of mods on the Nexus and beyond.
However, if one finds an incompatibility somewhere, let me know ASAP
and I will try to fix it... ASAP.

Any mod that edits names of items or edits the weights of items will NOT be compatible
with Weight Overhaul - Junk Items. However, if the mod is brought to my attention
I will start work on a patch immediately. So make sure if there is a mod you want
to work with Weight Overhaul - Junk Items then either comment in the comment
or send me a message!

Similar Mods:

Weightless Ultimate by Chikawowwow
Weightless Junk and Other Items (Discontinued) by TheScout201

These are just recommendations to those who wish to have a better weight system but do not like
the values I have used for mine. Leave a suggestion in the comments section to let me know
if I can make my weight system better.

Both mods are relatively different to mine. My mod does not make most items weightless, instead
it changes the values of items to be more appropriate to what that specific item is based on the
item model and it's real life counterpart.


Check the PERMS tab on the top of the page.


If you have any suggestions make sure to either PM me or leave a post
in the comments section!