Fallout 4
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A small plugin that forces the count of sheltered beds to match the total available beds at your settlements.

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Greetings! This is a small plugin I thought up to deal with the constant issue of beds being sheltered. I did this to go with my other mod, SnapBeds, but it can be used standalone and should work with any other bed mods too.

Whenever you place a bed, or place a roof or floor above a bed, the game decides whether the bed is sheltered or not. This can get a bit wonky, as it's unclear how the game decides, how high a roof must be above the bed, etc. Once it decides, it updates the total number of sheltered beds for the workshop you are currently using. This is what influences your settlement happiness. Each settler with a sheltered bed gets a +10 happiness bonus, but each settler without one gets capped at 60 happiness total.

This mod gets around that by setting the number of "sheltered beds" equal to the number of "available beds". It does this whenever you do something in the workshop that would cause the game to recalculate the number of sheltered beds (I.e. place a bed, move a bed, place a roof). For good measure, it sets it again when you close the workshop. This is done on an individual workshop basis and there's no timers. The plugin only does work when you do work.

When the plugin loads, it will do a one time check on all of your owned settlements and adjust them. Once adjusted, it will take up to 24 hours for the settlement to update the target happiness and begin to go up.