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Want to do more damage in key areas? Do it with MyTweaksLD!
Now with optional x20 damage headshots!

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Want to do more damage in key areas?

This mod makes head (and very often, torso) damage much higher, and limb damage much lower... if you're human.

Want details? See the image provided or go here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-K0zOP0yGkmMThis7H1G1lL7BVovHlEddsn1xXmkjbE

Please note that I have made the damage for all parts of the Vertibirds 20% of what they used to be. Please let me know if this is in any way a problem, it's no issue to make versions where they are more or even less frail.

Super Headshots version replicates changes introduced with Realistic Headshots by shad0wshayd3; if you like this file, please endorse their mod too

Future plans (maybe)
Anyone who knows their stuff with the CK, any help with this would be much appreciated:
• Crippled limbs bleed, much more for humans/animals/creatures than for synths/mirelurks/bugs/ghouls/robots, etc.
• Bleeding damage stops when limb(s) no longer crippled

Built in FO4Edit 3.1.3 EXPERIMENTAL, this mod changes body part data for everything except Liberty Prime. If you have another mod that changes any of those, conflicts will arise.
Disable the DLC ESP if you don't have DLCRobot.esm, DLCCoast.esm and DLCNukaWorld.esm

My "Fallout 4 EXTREME Modded Survival" let's play and Fallout 4 Nexus uploads: