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  1. dtrail
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    Edit: Ok, never mind. I saved the game AFTER that happened, loaded that save and now I'm able to control iHud again :)
  2. Oozaru85
    • member
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    Doesn't seem to work for me. I can change settings in the MCM, but the toggle does not work. I can't toggle the HUD off. Nothing happens when I press the toggle key. I have the requirements installed. Any ideas?
    1. Rainmaeker
      • member
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      Did you figure this out? I'm having the same problem. 
    2. onymaru9
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      Gotta use autopatcher for the hud. HUDframework has it.
    3. Rainmaeker
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      I have! I followed: 
      You need to install DEF_UI v.1.5.1. Install both DEF_HUD and DEF_INV in the installer. Choose "Do Not Install Component Tags", "Vanilla HUD", & "I already have sorting xml files". <-- Important

      Install Armor & Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) v8.51. Make sure to tick all the patches and plugin replacers for mods you are using/planning to use. VIS-G asks for this mod as a required master in wrye bash. It's nice to have anyway and is the framework for a lot of other popular mods.

      Install VIS-G Item Sorting v2.7. Choose to overwrite DEF_UI Files.

      Download HUDFramework Auto-Patcher. Follow the instructions in the readme file that comes with the download to inject HUDFramework into the HUDMenu.sfw file in your data/interface folder. Copy the newly patched HUDMenu.sfw back into your data/interface folder and overwrite the old one if prompted.

      Download and Install Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) v1.36. IHUD won't register/work for me without this. It's nice to have anyway.

      Download and install Immersive HUD v3.0.

      Download and install HUDFramework v1.0f but choose NO to overwrite any files. If you choose yes to overwrite files, it overwrites the patched HUDMenu.sfw you just created. This will just add the HUDFramwork esm file to your load order.

      Load order should be:
      Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esm
      VIS-G Item Sorting.esp
      Immersive HUD.esp
      I think its partially working as the HP/AP bar do fade away BUT only when full and the compass does NOT fade away. The AP/HP bar do not fade to the specification in the MCM. Would you mind posting what your load order is and how you installed everything? 
  3. onymaru9
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    How can i increase the time of fade? I'd like it well over just 6s . Specially the damn AP and Health bar
  4. Cikung
    • member
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    So I went back to clicking the thumbs up.
    The mod worked perfectly for me.
    anyone know how to turn off the cash register sound when got xp?
    1. patrickpeppers
      • premium
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      Try 'Silent UI'  It includes a lot of other options as well.
  5. Burrymeinmods
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    does this remove enemy hpbars 
    1. minhanhcole2
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  6. EmillieLane
    • supporter
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    i'm not sure why, but i keep getting "iHUDFramework|GenericUpdate" messages over, and over. Is there a known cause for this? (i wish i could add a screenshot)
    1. hasty644
      • member
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      Same, I've had to just keep it turned off. Playing w/ a gamepad and have no free toggle slots.

      It keeps repeating "Generic Update" etc...

      ***** DEF_UI Patch solved it for me: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20309/?tab=files
  7. professorpuffypants
    • member
    • 32 posts
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    I am having an issue when installing better locational damage that causes Immersive hud to stop working in my game. Has anyone else experienced an issue with these two mods? Im using vortex and have 46 active mods, but if I uninstall and reinstall to have immersive hud working, as soon as I install better locational damage ihud stops working for me.

    The options im using when installing bld are:
    -leveled lists
    -all dlcs checked
    -better perks
    -no to the rest of the options until better vats .75
    -no better chems

    I went through the mcm menu and toggled all the selections and it seems to be working now...
    1. MrGentleFish
      • member
      • 13 posts
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      Yea I got that same issue, it's quite a shame both mods are really good.

      Edit: Turns out it needs a new game to work properly.
    2. mb11492
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      wait so do I need to just toggle all the selections in mcm to get it to work or new game
  8. Crane92
    • supporter
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    Having a problem when toggling compass and hud just makes the hudframework generic update keeps popping up and no toggling takes effect.
  9. Trazibol
    • member
    • 179 posts
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    thanks for the very practical MOD which is very immersive.
    I play with :
    - Def_HUD
    - a HUD already reduced to the strict minimum
    - I broke the compass which is useless after 1500 Hrs of play
    - I don't use power armor

    Your MOD integrates without problem.
    It's perfect for making a photo report during the fights :)

    Piper will love it :)
    I'm going to Diamond City right away to recruit her ....
  10. akiracybertar
    • member
    • 237 posts
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    any way to remove the scrap armour/guns msgs incredibly annoying and useless