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A simple batch file that adds crops.

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This is a simple batch file that will grant the vault dweller a small amount of each plantable crop.
The idea behind this is to give a player enough crops to enable them to set up a small farm.


To use, un-zip the file and place the crops.txt into your main Fallout 4 game folder.

Once in game pull up the console and type "bat crops" (without the quotes).

The following crops will be added to the vault dwellers inventory.

  • 10x Tato
  • 10x Muttfruit
  • 10x Carrot
  • 10x Corn
  • 10x Gourd
  • 10x Melon
  • 10x Razorgrain

Just in case the items added cause the vault dweller to become encumbered, make sure a useable container is close before using this batch file.

Farming efficiency:

For more efficient farming in settlements with limited growing space the amount of food given can be changed to give a higher yield per plant. This can be done by simply accessing the console, targetting the plant to change with the cursor and typing the following commands.

For all crops except Muttfruit:

  • setav 331 5.5

For Muttfruit:

  • setav 331 5

This will change the selected plants output value to 6. It is not recommended to set a value higher than this as each settler can only manage 6 food points each. This will allow a player to assign a settler to a single plant and get the maximum 6 food yield.