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pipe-guns looks like garbage and the are everywhere. let's change that

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  • German
to be short: pipe-guns are ungly and they are everywhere.

the make mah eyes constantlu bleed.

so i replaced their models with YonaTaku's work of art.

lorewise this gun was mass-produced before the war as a stupdly cheap and go-to-hell-and-come-back reliable self-defence weapon.

popular with kids and adults alike for it's design, price and reliability it was sold in variants of pistols, semi-auto carabines, smg for law enforcements, had a ton of both factory and garage made modofocations this is why you even 200 years after teh war you can still find it pretty much everywhere.

common vatiants on the wasteland:
bolt-action   -    the inner workings has been damaged beyond repair, but it can still can fire single rounds
pipe-gun      -    this poor thing has been thourgh too much hands and garage mods for the last two centuries. it cas still shoot right, but don't expect miracles
DefenseGun -    /almost/ fresh from the factory, all mechanisms work as intended, all mods attach perfectly. it's cheap, reliable and can deliver a pretty decent kick. this your bro.

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