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FAR optimises and improves over six thousand distant land textures, which means more perfomance and less stutter.

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FAR - Faraway Area Reform
by CaptainCockerel

Distance yourself from terrible terrain

FAR optimises and improves over six thousand distant terrain textures. What does this mean for you? It means a better looking game world with more performance and much less stutter. On top of this, FAR also adds in new noise textures for the distant terrain, improving detail even further.

Note: Nuka World and Far Harbor distant land textures don't have any problems.



Default - 512x512 with some 256x256 pixel files (no noticeable quality loss) at 170kb/47kb a texture.
Reduced - 256x256 pixel files at 47kb a texture (same as Skyrim).

Noise - New noise textures are featured in both versions and are 1k in size. Any more resolution than that and it starts shimmering.


The .esp plugin in this mod is flagged as a .esl. It also has no records, so you shouldn't have to worry about load order or making patches. It's just for loading the assets from the .ba2 archive.


Installation and uninstallation with a mod manager like Vortex is recommended. Manual installation is not recommended but is possible by dragging everything into your game's Data folder.

Will work with any mod that doesn't edit the same files as in the .ba2 archive. You will need to use the B.A.E mod to view/extract the files and do a comparison if you have any doubts. This mod should work perfectly with the majority of texture mods; most of these mods are usually designed for assets loaded close to the player. FAR is the complete opposite in this regard.

Load order does not matter. Place anywhere.


The Xbox One version is available here and maintained by Fenrir.

External support will be few and far between due to life stuff. Please stand by!

Kesta for previously re-hosting and managing the mod.