Bullet Counted Animation Switching Framework (BCASF) by ajhakra kinggath
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Last updated at 0:54, 20 Dec 2016 Uploaded at 20:34, 18 Dec 2016

After a long awaited and a delayed release, it is finally here. The tool to allow the community to introduce more immersive weapons into the Commonwealth.


The BCAS framework will allow authors to include proper round counted animations into their mods. This will allow for things such as pump action shotguns to have a different shell reload depending on how many shells have been shot. It will also introduce the opportunity for weapons to have different reloads depending on whether or not their weapon is being dry reloaded.

Included within this framework is a guide that will walk authors through the process of setting up such a system. Prior knowledge of the CK and adding in animations into the CK is required and will not be covered in the guide. Only the steps that have to been taken to implement this framework are explained.

Mods Currently Using the Framework:

Lever Action Rifle Reload Fix - by ajhakra
M1014 - by
Remington 870 - by covadonga
If you want your mod to be listed here, send me a PM


For Mod Authors:

Download the scripts and the guide from the files tab. The guide includes all relevant information regarding the implementation of this framework.

You should remember to rename the script during compiling. This will help to avoid any accidental overwrites between mods using this framework.

If you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact me either through PM or through a comment. (PM is preferred)

For Everyone Else:

You don't actually need this - it's more of a template for weapon mod authors to add in support for multiple reload animations (something not supported by default). 


kinggath-Scripts. Without him this framework wouldn't be a thing so be sure to go and check him out!

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