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Restores the cut bed from Vault Tec Workshop as a standalone mod. Optional file with new colors.

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Imagine my surprise when no one seemed to be uploading the cut bed from the Vault Tec DLC, so I decided to upload it myself. I also uploaded a second file that contains the cut bed as well as the personal textures I've been using. These may also be used as a modders resource, and I highly encourage merging the file with another. While I myself will eventually upload to consoles, please feel free to do it yourself! 

Bed counts as 1 towards your total bed count.

Please only choose to download 1 version of the mod! Requires Vault Tec Workshop DLC!

Main: Only contains an .esp, please feel free to merge this with another file, I truly encourage it, otherwise its just a plugin with a singe bed.

Optional: Contains recolors, recolors do also have added pillows so are larger on settlement budget than the original.

Make sure .ini is up to date. {Here} is the nexus wiki how to.
NMM is suggested as you'll be able to easily add/remove
Manual Installation is the same old jam, unpack into the core file, go to plugins and activate, delete everything and deactivate to uninstall. 

Merging Plugins
This mod is very small, so if you are nearing plugin limit having a single bed in an .esp is a waste.  Eli has a quick tutorial {here} on YT about how to merge plugins with FO4Edit. I am horrid at explaining in text how to do things in xEdit, however there are several other solid videos up on YT of how to merge plugins.

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