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The intention of this mod is to clean up your settlements from all the ugly stains that you cannot scrap nor remove in-game. If you ever built up within a settlement location and noticed a puddle in the middle of your room, mud all over your floors or cement on your couch - this mod is for you.

Permissions and credits

DSR-R Version: 1.0
Author/Creator: LethalThreat
Tester/Helper/Imgur Pictures: amber1019

Ever built up within Sanctuary and noticed those damn puddles in your house? Remember that dirt pile in the middle of the General's quarters at the Castle?! A thing of the past with Decal Stain Remover!

♦ Description ♦
○ Decal Stain Remover is a mod intended to help clean up the dirty decals found within your settlements. These dirty decals cannot be removed conventionally within workshop mode, a mod such as Spring Cleaning nor console commands can clean them up! Thus, this mod comes in to play. DSR will remove these decals with simplicity and compatibility. All it takes for you is the tick of an .esp to remove these ugly decals or bring them back (for some reason?!)
ALL settlements are cleaned up, including the DLC settlements (there is a non-DLC version as well.) The clean-up location is only within the vanilla settlement borders, so if you have a settlement border expansion this mod will not have cleaned up those areas.
○ This mod does not remove the decals outside of settlements. A total decal nullified version was planned, but since Bethesda update the CK I can't figure out how to do it anymore. See under "What Are Directional Decals?" for more on that.
○ DSR may even help give you more performance in settlements!

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Video by Oxhornmovies
(DSR at 3:16)

○ Install the DLC or non-DLC version and activate the .esp - doesn't get any easier!

What Are Directional Decals?
○ Directional decals were introduced back in Skyrim/CK 1.0 as blood stains and they work exactly the same as they do in Fallout 4/CK 2.0. However in Skyrim, these direction decals were pretty much limited to only the blood stains. In Fallout 4 they're EVERYWHERE you look, even if you may not know it there's at least five or more in each cell - on average there's over twenty per cell! These directional decals help make the Commonwealth look grimy and old, unfortunately they also added these into the settlement locations which get in the way and make your settlement and furniture look disgusting.
○ Need some examples of decals in-game? Check out Amber's Imgur profile to see ALL of these decals in-game.

○ The above left image is an example of direction decals. These blue arrows pointing to the ground are currently sending a sandy TXST decal to the ground, where the arrow points, the texture will go. This makes it a problem for when it's in settlements because it will go onto what you place rather than staying on the ground. If it's a large TXST it will go onto your objects and onto the floor, oftentimes making it clip horribly and looks very awkward. The above right image is an example of the directional decals removed, as you can see the sandy decals are now gone.

○ The above top image is an example of what the texture set (TXST) sends. As you can see it's just like any normal texture it sends, except it's send by a marker instead of being on an object. You can put in any sort of texture into these TXSTs and it will send it, such Minuteman decals. NOTE: This was taken at a previous version of the CK 2.0, unfortunately they changed up. Now, even these TXSTs require the usage of the materials, .bsgm crap, and who knows what else, so you can't simply go in and change the decal anymore like you can see above. The above bottom image is an example of the texture sets in the object window along with the many names it may use, in this case it's mostly Nuka World decals. Decals may range from puddles, rust, dirt, mud and more, there's even bird shit, (seriously.)

○ There are no incompatible mods, everything is compatible with DSR - how awesome is that?!
○ If you do happen to have a conflict; place DSR at the very bottom of your load order, or use AnnoyingObjects by Izaharia.

DSR Recommended [i]Make the Commonwealth Clean Again!

AnnoyingObjects by Izaharia - Has recently been updated as Iza has merged AO and DSR! What AO does that DSR doesn't, is that AO just disables the textures whereas DSR outright deletes them within settlements. Both work the same, but if you have conflicts with DSR consider using AO.
Remove Ugly Flat Trash by inawe
Spring Cleaning by Nverjos
No More Fake Puddles by twizz0or
Settlements - Lights Out by Tyberis

○ Regarding consoles, DSR will be available to both the Xbox One and PS4 in due time. I want to make sure version 1.0 is set (no updates needed) before I do, because I won't be supporting the mod on consoles and it will be released as-is.

Special Thanks
○ Huge thanks to amber1019 for all of her help in testing this mod and helping me find every little decal. Be sure to show her some love too! Without her there probably never would've been a DSR Redux!

○ Author/Creator: LethalThreat
○ Tester/Helper/Imgur Pictures: amber1019

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