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These new and Improved Christmas Trees each come with more Ornaments, a better looking glowing star on top, many many more lights powered by Nuclear Material, and 100% more tree. Holly Jolly Nuka Grenades Added!

Permissions and credits
Christmas Teddy Trees Added!  Ornament Colors Packs Added!
Holly Jolly Nuka Grenades Added!


Do you want to have Christmas Trees in your Settlements but don’t have the correct DLC (even if the files were already secretly there to begin with)?

Do you want the DLC Christmas Trees to be thicker, fuller, come in various sizes, have 2 different varieties, have a friggin’ glowing star on top, and most importantly have tons more lights (and maybe some more ornaments also)?

Place these little beauties around your Settlements and bask in the spirit of Christmas!

I bring to you “Improved Christmas Trees (No DLC Required)” just in time for your festive decorating needs!

All 3 sizes and 2 variants are seen in this picture.  Note: The Purple look on some of the Ornaments is done on purpose.

Thanks to SteamPunkard for submitting this video (and the other 4 that also did) he brought it up to me in a PM so he gets the attention.

As mentioned above this mod requires absolutely no DLC (and are better than the DLC Trees), and each of these Christmas Trees are standalone and craftable at any Settlement.

***The Christmas Trees are found at the Workshop Menu go to Decorations then to the new tab that I added called “Seasonal” and all of them can be found there.

**The two different variations are Standard (typical looking Christmas Tree) and Flocked (covered in white).

Both variations are fully lit up with lights that run off of Nuclear Material that is also used for glow sights on your ranged weapons.  Due to this if you are viewing the sun shining directly on the tree it might be harder to see the lights, they really come through at night or in the shadows.

There are three different sizes for each variety of tree:  Normal, Small, and Large.  Large costs the most to make, Normal the second most to make, and Small the least to make.  The lights scale with the size of the tree and are the same in number no matter the size.

Each of these trees can be moved how you would normally move objects in the Workshop, Stored, and/or Scrapped.

All of the Christmas Trees, in order to compensate for the extra heft, have a 6 sided base instead of the traditional 3 sided base.

The game does recognize these trees as objects after you build them and put them down, so you cannot walk through them or jump over them.

***The Purple (textures are not there) look on some of the Ornaments is done on purpose, they are supposed to be Purple.

I recommend using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM), then just making sure that the ESP is active.

If you don’t use NMM then just drop the contents of the Data Folder in the zip file into your games Data Folder, then activate the ESP.

Bethesda for Fallout 4
The makers of Paint.Net
The makers of NifScope
Ousnius for the Material Editor
Ousnius and Caliente for the Outfit Studio (and BodySlide, but I didn’t use that to make this)

This mod was made by myself using Paint.Net, NifScope, Material Editor, Outfit Studio, and a lot of patience.

Go bring some Christmas cheer to those Settlements!

Please Enjoy Responsibly!  (Trees like “Egg Nog” also…)