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Adds a Bioshock style playerhome to the Commonwealth.

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Hey Everyone!

This mod adds a bioshock style playerhome to Fallout 4.

I've Been playing through Bioshock 2 recently and really wanted to recreate the Bioshock 2 multiplayer
prologue apartment in Fallout using all vanilla assets. It wasn't easy lol, I think it looks ok though and captures the setting pretty well.

I will be updating this every now then and maybe adding another room.

It is Navmeshed so companions are welcome.

Located right near Fort Strong. (see picture)

Any bugs please let me know.

Chalk Outline Cine with Reshade and ENB used in pictures.

Fallout 4 base game.


Thanks to EdibleGrenade12 he has let me add some of the assets from his Submersible Power Armor mod to the apartment.

The update doesn't add Submersible Power Armor to this mod just some objects to make it look abit more like Bioshock
so you will still need his mod for the actual armors.

You can now use the boat at the dock to travel back and forth to the Commonwealth. The other dock is right next to Harbormaster hotel

Power armor station added now.