Fallout 4

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Sep 2019 Updated
This mod adds a new custom race based on deathclaw and human hybrid
The race is male and female but files are separately available to download
Use the latest files for bug and glitch free experience

Thank You Guys for sticking with me for so long

Permissions and credits
Hey fellow mod users

I know its long since it was updated and now its back hope you guys make videos and some cool pic on it 

saddly i dont have any pics to upload currently , my last pic of this wip was uploaded to xarna mod

will add them soon if i can and don't know about future plans for now

Dated - 24/07/2018

Eye fix uploaded and some new features thanks for pointing the bugs huntersss

Also new screenshots uploaded
***************************************features of new v3*******************************************************************
added the new non buggy race with all new tail physics with support for both male and female races

the perfect race you all guys have been waiting for is now here on nexus

and with unique body so that it's not just a copy paste thing or same looking thing

Dated- 16/09/2019
***************************************features of new v4*******************************************************************
Added a fully customizable race , can change texture in racemenu
Also new bodyslide files have been uploaded too


enjoy and use NMM installer for better use

Manual Installation---

Just drag n drop the data folder to your fallout 4 directory

Credit goes to darklynxx for helping with files and resources
  Credit goes to jimshu for resources and guilmonex for pointing me out , how to make the esps

For Bodyslide Files with Physics - https://www.nexusmods.com/Core/Libs/Common/Widgets/DownloadPopUp?id=132375&game_id=1151&source=FileExpander