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9mm-RGBO patch simple as that

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Why hello there again rdmartin20 back with a different fracking awesome gun patch this time we have the Awesome 9mm pistol aka the iconic browning Hi-Power By the one the only MR. DeadPool2099
as all ways the changes being made are based on changes made by Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul by guidaye

okay im back, so i updated the mod, and change two thing one the old hair trigger powerful, is now the armor piecing powerful, because well the adnave i forgot had the same faster trigger pull ability. the new armor piecing powerful will just be more useful

2nd the old .45 ACP yeah thats gone, i attended a seminar on gun modification at my collage and guess what changing a 9mm Browning to a .45 ACP is fracking insane and world require fulling replacing parts so much that it would no long be a browing Hi Power, so now we have something with a cool sounding name that world fit the fallout universes idea that the military gets all the best tech. i give you The F.B.I. Special more damage less ap cost, it is basically a super advance receiver with not much else. but it it more powerful and thats a plus, and it is realistic enough and lore possiable enough that i think i can get away with it. anyway enjoy i have been working on more guns the 10mm smg and the gold old viermint rifle are all most done, i just need to ask the mod makers if i may post it.

changes being made are mostly small with 2 big exceptions the 10mm Receiver has been changed to the .45.
-reason time. as the case with RGBO all guns are meant to do damage based on their real world ammo the 9mm has about 650J of kinetic energy when fired from a browning(thank you guidaye again for that info) this means by RGBO standers it does a base damage of 13 damage, and guess what the 10mm(and the .40 S & W which the receiver was meant to represent) has well it has about 1000j of kinetic energy. that would be 20 damage.
-13 vs 20 damage does make a diffournt but well you can upgrade with other receivers that can make its damage over 20, this makes using 10mm terrible. so i switched it to the .45 this does have merit one man in Florida,US modified his browning hi-power to fire the .45acp and a man in Germany modified his to fire the .45 colt(what our .45 is based on as of RGBO)
okay so i changed the 38 do to as of RGBO it is now the .357 and that also has around 1000j of kinetic energy so it is now the hair trigger powerful receiver. because well i did not want to get rid of a receiver so i changed it.

okay that's done now then 
first off go over to 9mm pistol mod you need it first
on the off chance your here and don't know about it RGBO is awesome it makes the gun more well realistic by real life standards 

they are owned by Deadpool2099 and  guidaye respectively