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Looksmenu preset for a Chinese heroine.

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"Automatic. Systematic. Rhythmic. Acrobatic. Built with space age design."
                                                                                                                    Dancing Machine

Chinese-American Looksmenu preset for a female protagonist. Since Fallout 4 can only make white people and badly struggles with those, I decided to play it safe and go for mixed ethnicity. This is also a great fallback excuse for "That ain't naw gat damn chinese" type comments. I decided to go with a mostly vanilla (read: unadventurous) face since really extreme sliders and facial mesh changes and shit like that tend to result in restricted range of motion and wooden face syndrome. No supermodel, just some random psycho, but I find her pleasant enough to live with, maybe you will too.

Due mostly to her eyes, OniNigma's Cute Asian Face Parts is a requirement and not really optional. She will not work without it, you just get more Bethesda White Orange Almost White People™ that way. She's designed to use the hairstyle Anabelle from Misc Hairstyles 1.6, which is not on Nexus. You'll have to chase it down yourself, since I'm uncertain what the policies of the author and the Nexus are regarding linking to that particular mod. Realistically though, practically everyone has it already, and will switch to a hairstyle they prefer anyway. I've added a vanilla hair download just to keep it vaguely professional. For reference, my own screenshots are taken in the crazy good Pathos ENB by Pansen1.

If you're making use of these other author's mods, please remember to endorse them, they'll appreciate it.
Alright, have fun.


- v1.1, changes just happen over time so this is a completely arbitrary landmark. I expect to be told "looks just the same", wouldn't be surprised. I expect to be told "looks too different, not the same", wouldn't be surprised. Old versions are and will remain archived.

Update - Reuploaded main files for current Looksmenu version cause of reasons. You may go aboot your lives without a strange and unexplainable feeling of trepidation.

Update - Happy New Year! Fixes for some details and regions with flipped normals, texture cleanups. Changes are only in the optional textures, main file unchanged, yet. Probably fix and improve or flat out change a little soon. Previous version(s) will remain available cause changing a preset and taking the old one down is just wierd, some people prefer them. C'est la vie.

Update - I finally figured out the constituents of my textures and cleaned them up a little while I was at it. Thanks to SG Texture Renewal, Vanilla assets, Google, Voyeurism, Carpenter Brut and Public Enemy. So that makes any "doesn't look the same" issues now 110% someone else's problem =D

Update - I slung an optional body diffuse and a corrected eyeliner for the sake of completion.
Tattoos are pretty ridiculously played out around here, but she's supposed to have one, and is the type of gal who made mistakes in college. I don't really do the whole slut outfits deal so I never see it, but that's part of the point, and also why I completely forgot about it. The body is CBBE specific, and the zip folder structure points at the Unique Player folder. Simply unzip and drag to your BaseHumanFemale folder if you want it there instead.
The eyeliner adjustment simply clips the inner corner of Eyeliner 02 a little so it plays nicer with the Asian eye shape. The difference is pretty god damn small, and I don't think the preset even uses that channel. It's an option. OPTION IT.


LooksMenu by Expired6978
Oni Cute Asian Face Parts by OniNigma


Files are provided on an as-is charitable basis, I accept no responsibility for anything anywhere ever, in perpetuity throughout the universe. Before initiating any dispute please secure the services of a psychiatrist, clergyman, or criminal attorney.