Fallout 4
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Expands the RR HQ a bit, changes the lightning and adds several things like beds

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Ever wondered about the Railroad in the tiny, dirty and dusty base?
I mean... this is meant to be a faction base and its so tiny and dirty.
I really felt the need to change this to a proper state for a real HQ.

The whole place is expanded, most of the fake lightning is deleted and all that junk down there is gathered at the shooting range in a small side way. The beds are now all usable and down to the back entrance a completely new room is setup for sitting and sleeping. Desdemona smokes a lot... I know but I also deleted the fog down there for the sake of a good view. 

To sum it all together you can say this place is much bigger and cleaner than before.
If you using Elianoras faction housing and load it BEFORE my mod it will also work just fine.

I don't add any fancy stuff to this place because there is already enough.
Only thing that was missing in my opinion was armor. So you might find a MKII RR armor in the place.
Even if the player gets to the RR HQ quite soon this armor should be overpowered.

Thanks for all the downloads and endorsements! :)


Version v1.1

  • fixed walls for compatibility with Elianora's Faction Housing at Carrington's chair (x-ray pics)
  • slightly raised the radius and intensity for some lights
  • added/changed a few lamps
  • moved wrong wall-lean idle pos from mid-air to the right wall where it should have been