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Lore Friendly 4K Resolution Feral Ghoul Skin textures with more painted details.

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Lore friendly 4K Resolution Feral Ghoul Skin textures with more painted detail including skin afflictions, wrinkly leathery skin, varicose veins, and more noticeable glowing eyes when in the dark.

For me the Vanilla textures feel too fleshy and smooth- too much like regular humanoid ghouls,and they also lacked the detail that I was expecting when I saw them up close. With these new textures I wanted the ghouls to look more like they had been around for a very long time and their bodies were decaying and afflicted -turned necrotic by so many years of exposure to radiation.

VERSION 3.0 Now with all ghouls - including Glowing Ones,Fog Ghouls and Painted Ghouls.
VERSION 3.1 Fixed Pink Ghouls not showing up in Suffolk County Charter School.


Using Nexus Mod Manager: Enable the ESP and your Ready to go.(The ESP is just there to enable/disable the textures).

Manual installation: Put either the BSA file if using regular download or the Textures folder from the non ESP version in your fallout4/data directory 
(If you were using another ghoul texture mod you will have to overwrite those files).

Xbox version
Xbox version 2K: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/3376529