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This is a remake of the Dalton Farm in Far Harbor, it replaces the damaged houses with the house from the Nakano Residents, and the small Peir with the barn from the Nakano residents. The workshop is moved to the small shack on the hill behind the house.

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This is a rebuild of the Dalton Farm in far harbor as requested by a player.

The damaged small houses have been replaced with the house from the Nakano Residence in the commonwealth.

The small pier has been replaced with the barn pier from the Nakano residence in the commonwealth, and a boat placed on the side of the barns dock.

The workshop has been moved to the small shack behind the house.

The Corn has been moved up on the hillside near the shack. 

The water spout has been move over by the stairs near the truck.

The sink in the house also provides 3 water.

The stove in the house is a cooking stove.

The center marker has been moved so that settlers will idle around the  barn and the house rather then down on the beach.  If you've already gotten the Dalton Farm, you can move the centermarker wherever you want to by using the console.

Open the console and click on a default item at the dalton farm (tree, outhouse, umbrella on the beach, etc) not one of the replaced items, make note of the first two digits show (if you have all dlc and in order it should be 03), close the console and move to where you want the center maker to be, then in the console type prid xx038ea9 where xx are the first two digits.  it should now show the item as selected at the top of the console screen, next type moveto player  That will move the center marker to your current location, making the settlers wander around that area.  a good placement is on the hill behind the house about center of the house and barn.

Almost everything in and around the house is scrappable except the structure itself.  All doorways can have doors placed / replaced, including the barn and shack. 

Navmeshes have been altered in these cells.

Even with the edits there is still plenty of buildable  area around :)

If you use my Nakano Resident Settlement Mod, Load this mod AFTER it for compatibility.