Henry repeating Rifle and Volcanic Pistol (Lincoln's Repeater or Lever action) by alisia
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This sentence was made by Google translation.
Please forgive even if my grammar is wrong.

This file is not a MOD. This file is 3DCG data.  Model resource.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Having fun playing Fallout4 ?
Do you want to have more fun shooting the dangerous inhabitants of the Commonwealth?
This resource was created thinking you do!

Good news.  2017/10/13.

With DMagnus, a nice MOD was produced.
Access here.

Henry Repeating Rifle

Small update by 2017/5/10
New Sniper Scope From "Per il gusto di uccidere"
(English title "Taste for Killing") to movies (1966)

Free Modder's resource: Henry Rifle and Volcanic Style Pistol version. 

Files are in .3DCG format.
Base model and modifications provided as seen in pre-rendered images.
Feel free to import and texture in any Fallout 4 mod. 

I can't make the mods, themselves, unfortunately, but I CAN make the 3D models! I think this resource can make it easier for other mod authors to make the weapons, and that makes me feel pretty good.

If you want to use these models, please contact me. If there are any issues with the models ALSO please contact me!

Volcanic Pistol is based on the Henry Rifle and is not an exact reproduction of the original design.
Because it is hard to use if it is original design.
Because bullets used by Volcanic pistol are special and small bullets.
Is it better for you to use ".38 Round", "10 mm Round" or ".45 Round"?
The "bullet propelled without a cartridge case" used in the original is difficult to handle.

These models are to be used only for Fallout 4. Commercial use is prohibited (means no making money off of this resource. That's not why I made them. If you want to commercialize them, you MUST contact me.) Please don't plagiarize my work. This stuff does take some time, after all.


This data will be permitted to use only to make a item of current Fallout4.
If you get a sequel of fallout4, to release the limited use of fallout4.
Commercial use is prohibited.
If If you want to have commercial use please contact me.
Do not faking "This data has made me." I do not stay throw away the copyright of this data.
It is more than the current should be noted.

Q and A
Q. why do you not have low polygon models?
A. because faithful low polygon models are hard to produce 
Q. why do you not have textures 
A. I am skilled in making 3D models, not texturing 
Q. your models suck 
A. your mom sucks 
Q. Will you make _____ real world/fallout weapon
A. maybe, it depends on if I want to add that gun to the FO4 universe 
Q. your model is different than it's real world counterpart
A. designing and scaling firearm models from reference images is an art more than a science.
If you have exact dimensions provide them and, if I can, I'll adjust the model accordingly. 
Contact information in “readme file”

Special Thanks
Better translation for description


have fun.goodbye!

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If you like my FO4 weapon designs and want to support my weapons modeling, my bitcoin address is

It has opened a Twitter account. @slr500