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For the concerned Power Armor User wondering where all the Juicy Loot is stored - a Backpack attached to the Jetpack.

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer regarding Upload/Console Support:

I personally will not upload this Mod for Consoles for one simple reason. I do not have a Console and hence can and will not provide support based on Console-Related Issues that might not be present/apparant on the PC Version nor test if the Mod even works. That said: This Statement can be seen as a free for all Permission to do so - under one simple condition: Basic Credit has to be provided and whoever uploads it there is responsible for resolving issues that might come up with the Version available there. I can and will not.

Update on Console Support:

The Mod has been made available for Consoles, specifically Xbox One, over on - Link below:

JetBackPacks - Console

Video Showcases by TrollenBros and Oxhorn:


This Mod requires the Automatron DLC to be installed as the Textures and Materials of the Backpack are coming from said DLC - and the Original Meshes of the Packs aswell.


I always wondered where all the Juicy Junk goes that one Loots while in Power Armor. I can imagine a thin layer of Armor to be worn and a Weapon carried in Hand like the BoS Knight's on Patrol do it. But I can't see where to place all the Junk one comes across and might want to take back home. Or spare Fusion Cores, Ammo .. Food .. Water .. all the Necessities. But for the longest Time I just ignored it. Thought maybe the PA comes in Robo-Cop Style hidden Compartments all over it.

Along comes the amazing FadingSignal with his Mobile Mechanic Mod and I start wondering again. I can see stuffing a Teddy into the Frame. A Handgun into a Compartment. A Desk Fan tied to the Shoulder via Rope. But I can't see myself stuffing the two Workbenches in their Folded State into any part of the PA and reasonably move around in it. So my interest in a Backpack was back. And this Mod is the Solution to that personal Quest of "Storage for Loot and Workbenches".


This Mod adds 4 additional Versions of the Jet Pack for Power Armor. 1 Version for each of the Tiers (T-45 - X01). These additional Jetpacks come with attached Backpacks which are Mashups of the various Automatron DLC Robot Packs and Pouches.

All four Jet Back Packs require the exact same Perks as the default Jet Packs to become available at the Power Armor Station.

They also require the exact same Components with the Addition of 6 Cloth and 6 Leather aswell as 10 additional Asbestos to compensate for the addition of the Pack and as a sort of "Fire-Proofing" for it aswell as the +50 Carry Weight Bonus they provide.

As far as I can tell they also should work with the "Unique" Pieces that can have Vanilla Jet Packs. (for example the T-60 Tesla Pieces from Automatron)

Credits, Permissions, Thanks & Used Tools:

As far as I'm concerned I will keep this a Nexus Exclusive Mod (ie on this very Page) but with the Console Permission above feel free to do with it as you wish as long as it goes along with the Rules and Regulations set by the Community/the Authors of the Tools below and Bethesda/the Nexus in general. Credit would be nice though ;)

Bethesda for Fallout 4, it's DLC and the Meshes used as Bases for this Mashup aswell as the Creation Kit

BodySlide and Outfit Studio

B.A.E.-Bethesda Archive Extractor


Blender 2.78a