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Adds quest markers to various collectable items in Nuka-World: Star Cores(!), Nuka-Cola Recipe books, Park Medallions and improves Cappy location markers.

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Nuka-World Collectable Quest Markers

The Nuka-World DLC includes a lot of different items to hunt down and collect: Hidden Cappys, Nuka-Cola recipe books, park medallions, and of course ... Star Cores.  The completionist in me demanded that I find everything, but I didn't want to be constantly referring to the wiki or an online guide.  I had even less desire to go back and do a pixel hunt through locations that I'd already cleared trying to find items I was missing.  

I kept hoping that someone would make a mod that added quest markers to all of these things, but nobody did ... so I did.  This mod adds or modifies 66 quest markers covering the following items:

Star Cores

Modifies the vanilla Star Control quest to show quest markers for 34 of 35 star cores (see notes below).  Once you have activated the Star Control mainframe, you will receive the quest objectives in your log to find the Star Cores scattered around Nuka-World as you usually would, but will also now have quest markers to guide you right to them.

Important Notes:

  • The vanilla quest already includes one marker - this is the Star Core laying directly by the dead body near the mainframe terminal. I did not add a marker to this one since it would have been redundant.  However, if you pick up a different Star Core from another location and use it to do the initial repair required to activate the mainframe, you will not get a marker for the Star Core by the dead body.  This shouldn't be a big deal since it's literally laying in plain site less than 10' from you.

  • If you've already started the Star Control quest (and possibly collected some Star Cores), this mod will detect which cores have been collected and (as of v1.2.0), show only the markers for the remaining cores.  

  • New with version 1.2.0:  This mod also hooks into the Miscellaneous objective you receive after repairing the mainframe and completing Star Control - this will appear in your quest log under Miscellaneous -> "Finish Repairing the Mainframe".  Consequentially, you will no longer lose the markers if you happen to complete Star Control prior to picking all of them up.

Nuka-Cola Recipe Books

There was no vanilla quest to hook into for the Nuka-Cola Recipes Books so I added a new standalone quest.  When you first exit the Cola-Cars arena (where you fight the Overboss) you will be at the top of a short flight of stairs.  If you look a little to your right there will be a park bench with a Nuka-Recipe Flyer and a holotape sitting on it.  Read the flyer to start the quest and grab the holotape for some configuration options (see below).

  • One of the recipe books (Nuka-Love) is received directly from an NPC, so I've put the quest marker on him.  You will receive the recipe book once you talk to him.

Cappy In a Haystack Locations

This quest already had markers but, maddeningly, they disappear once the player is within a fairly sizable radius of the objective.  I've cut down the radius significantly (25% of the original) so the markers will still be shown until you are quite close to the Cappy location.  

The radius can be fully customized via the holotape (see images).  You can choose 100% (vanilla behavior), 75%, 50%, 25% (default) or 0% (markers never disappear).  This way, if you still want to follow the clues and hunt for the markers, but just make things easier, or just disable this portion of the mod entirely, you can.

Park Medallions

There aren't very many of these and you will ultimately walk right by the dispensers, but I still managed to walk by one with out noticing it.  I've modified the Precious Medals quest (which you receive from N.I.R.A, the giant robotic Nuka-Cola bottle) to include markers in addition to the quest log objectives that are already present.

Items not covered by this mod

SCAV! Magazines - There is already a fantastic mod called The Collector's Guides by the equally fantastic Elys (of Skyrim Community Uncapper fame) that adds quest markers not only for the SCAV! magazines, but every Bobblehead and Magazine in game, including the FH & NW DLCs.

I've used TCG for quite some time and it's been a great addition to my game.  Not only does it do what it says, it's also lead me to some locations that I probably never would have found or bothered to explore otherwise, so please consider trying it out and endorsing if you like it.  This is a wonderful mod.


Not really an issue with this mod, but something you should keep in mind.  The game engine will only display so many quest markers in your HUD at a time, so if you have too many markers active at once, it will simply stop displaying some of them (but they will still show on your map.)  Given the number of quest markers that this mod adds, you are almost certain to encounter this if you toggle everything on at once (I did.)  

So, if you aren't seeing markers in game even though they are on your map, try toggling off a few of the quests - you'll probably need to do a bit of juggling in this regard. I've included an option in the holotape to toggle the Star Core markers off / on by area - e.g. you can turn on the markers for the Galactic Zone but hide the rest of the areas.  This is less useful than I thought it would be since the vanilla quest is still showing markers to the various areas anyway, but it may be of some help in certain instances so I went ahead and left it in.


Elys - Her mod (The Collector's Guides) was what inspired me to do this mod in the first place.  Not only that, but this was the first time I'd ever done a quest from the ground up so poking around her mod to see how she handled things was a huge help in getting me started on the task.

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