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A patch for LtCommander's DKS-501 Sniper Rifle to match changes by guidaye Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul

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hello there names RD this here is a patch of sort for the DKS-501 by  LtCommander and Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul by SerpentBlade

now to the why i love RGBO i like my gun being realistic and as close as humanly possible to the real-life. i all so love the old fallout guns as i began to play my game with  LtCommander fracking awesome gun i quickly realized that the DKS weapons mods where not at all like the rest of my gun and by that i mean the stats of each weapon modification. and well if there one other thing i love its constancy so i loaded up DKS and RGBO in the Creation kit and started to make changes to make the DKS weapons mods do the same thing as RGBO weapon mods do.  

rdmartin20 has LEVELED UP! and has taken a perk in modding 101.

well i fixed the issue of the file having a shit ton of masters and i have made so my file is not simple a edited esp form the base DKS mod, it is now its own mod that makes simple changes to the DKS-501 mod. all so hte .38(.357) Receivers are now the Rapid Fire Receivers which is kinda cool. so here you go have fun all. and keep a eye out as im going to make more patches for other guns by other Kick ass Mod Makers.

Edit time
updated the mod so my patch is updated, on top of that i found that Visual Reload Compatibility Patches and mine conflicted, to fix that i combined them so the Visual Reload Compatibility Patch for the DKS-501 and my patch are one, so nether conlfcit, please go give a_blind_man a big thanks for all his work on the Visual Reload Compatibility Patches.

Now has many of you may find the 38 Receivers(357 by RGBO standards) are gone two reason first RGBO did away with that kinda down grading i do believe there is only one case of that and s its with the pipe revolver, and 2nd the main reason..... i could not get my changes to work with it........ Sawed-Off Barrel and Snub Barrel both now reduce damage... and well so does the 38(357) every time i used both of them they.... well had over  9000 Damage. so until i can find a fix its gone for now. also this is basically just a modified esp form the DKS-501 mod, as i could not find a way to make the DKS-501 mod a master file for my mod so i just edited the base esp. that said i you still need the base mod and just let my patch replace the normal one 
the mod alos need Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource this may be somthing i did on my part not sure yet

now i do not own any of this i did not make the DKS-501 that honor gos to LtCommander so please give go tell him how much you love the DKS-501the changes i made are based on the Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul by guidaye so as many of you are most like using this because of RGBO go give him a thanks again.
and lastly this is my first time modding i have tested it and all seems to work if there are some issues let me know and please have some patience with me.
thank you and have a great day.