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This is a rebuild of the Hawthorne Estate that Bobbie from good neighbor goes to after the quest 'The Big Dig' is completed. Note - To have this as a working settlement you need to complete 'The Big Dig'.

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NOTE: Version 1.03 fixes the issue with "invisible objects" when placing workshop objects, please update.

This is a rebuild of the Hawthorne Estate that bobbie from good neighbor goes to after the quest 'The Big Dig' is completed.

The house was destroyed on the inside and I just felt I needed to make it into a functional Home.  The house has a living room, kitchen, lounge room, two  bedrooms, two bathrooms, a attic, a basement containing a power / food storage room, a general storage room, a chem room, and a workshop room.

I kept the inside of the house as close to scale as possible to the outside of the house.

Everything inside the house can be scrapped except the wall switches, the power connector for each room, and the circuit breaker in the basement.

Added a little piece of eye candy just for fun, the safe hidden behind the picture frame in the living room.

Before the workbench in this house can be used, you must complete 'The Big Dig', after that you will be able to use the workbench.

Bobbie is not made into a settler for this home, Almost all the dialog options throughout the quest will lead to bobbie leaving the house, I only ran into one case in all my trials that bobbie actually stayed there, If I place her back into the game and set her up as a settler she leaves the house, takes a long walk about, and eventually ends up back in her old house at good neighbor, then later vanishes again, I felt it best just to leave her as she is due to what happens.

There is a small hidden area in the house that you don't have access to, its just a tiny dead end tunnel, it was added with the idea of possibly making a addon mod with large chamber for the vaulttec DLC connected to the house, or perhaps other suggestions that players may have.

A Radio beacon can not be built at this location, you will need to send settlers to the house.  This was primarily rebuilt as a place to send followers to.  The house starts with food, water and power.

There are switches on the walls of each room, as well as a power connector in the ceiling of each room.  Anything  directly wired to the power connector in the room can be turned on / off via the switch  on the wall.  The circuit breaker in the basement will cut the power to the entire house.  Cutting the power does not effect the default lighting in the house, however if you scrap the lights in the house, the lighting will be removed that is attached to that light.

If you run into any problems, please let me know, I tested it the best I could myself from a new game as well as a existing game.

Q: Why is there a Cat??
A:  Because, Hawthornes. If you want to know more, Visit the Hawthornes home in Diamond City.

Q: I'm having a problem with the mod, what should i do?
A: Feel free to contact me and we will try to track down exactly whats causing the issue.  All my mods are tested on Fallout 4 (english version) with all dlc, no additional mods, so the possibility of mod conflict is possible (even  if  one did test with other mods),  I do my best to track down what the conflict is and see if there is a workaround for it that can be applied.

Version 1.03:
Fixes Invisible objects when placing items from the workbench.

Version 1.02:
Fixes a light issue that was causing some players framerate drops.

Version 1.01:

Fixes map marker issue some people were experiencing where they would not receive the map marker.
Minor bug fix for interior cell where a settler may of become trapped behind a wall.