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The Freebooter provides three outfits for the male adventurer. Relatively light-weight and sturdy they provides good protection for the pillager and looters of the Commonwealth. It is a stand-alone edited version of Gages armor for males. It has two version - one for vanilla and one for SHB. The outfits are Freebooter (full with armor), Freebooter

Permissions and credits

It all started when Preston hired Detective Nick Valentine to discover who was kidnapping settlers on the western border of the Commonwealth. Nick put his two best junior detectives ... okay his only detectives ... on the job. Thus it was that Fenn Finn-Gall and Robert MacCready began their investigation into the missing settlers. The trail soon led them to a large group of raider gangs apparently operating out of Nuka World. They spent a week watching the comings and goings of raiders, gunners, and settlers at the main entrance to Nuka World. Fenn took notes and sketched portraits of some of the more important looking raiders while MacCready drank a lot of whiskey and pretended to be on guard duty.

It was a good thing they had Dogmeat along as he was the one who detected a small detachment of raiders that must have spotted them. It was a tough fight but Dogmeat's warning had come in time. As luck would have it they were able to capture one of the raiders alive. MacCready convinced the man it was in his best interest to talk ... and talk a lot he did, at least until MacCready's attempt at persuasion caused the man to expire. Before he died, however, they discovered he worked for a man named Gage, whose description matched one of the portraits Fenn had drawn.

They decided the best way to infiltrate Nuka World, find out what Gage was doing, and free any settlers, was to go undercover. They returned to Fenn's work area at Red Rocket and three days later Fenn produced the Freebooter raider armor, based off the design of the armor he had seen the man Gage wearing. The basic armor was fairly lightweight for raider armor, sturdy, yet allowed for flexible movement - important for stealth and ranged fighting as well as light melee combat. He had plans to modify it further by making it ultra light weight and he would line it with ballistic weave. It would be their disguise when they pretended to be raider freebooters, adventures interested in looting and pillaging the Commonwealth. They would fit right in Fenn promised a nervous MacCready ... or so he hoped!

This is a stand alone, male only, edited version of Gage's armor from the Nuka World DLC. Consequently it requires the Nuka World DLC. There are two main files you can choose from and can only install one at a time. One is for vanilla male meshes (you can use any male body textures you want as long as they work with the vanilla mesh) and one is based on Super Hero Bodies (Enhanced Vanilla Bodies Conversion) by smorris2012 which uses Leito86's Enhanced Vanilla Bodies mod (which is not longer on Nexus but SHB comes with all the files you need). Each version lets you craft three outfits in-game. The Freebooter is the full outfit with shirt,and armor pieces. The Freebooter Raider is the more barbaric version and has no shirt and has a metal collar. The third is the Marauder pants and they are just the pants. The SHB version also has some ZAP sliders to toggle display of various outfit parts.

Update 2016-12-08: Provided and optional look patch for the vanilla version. On the Freebooter it removes the left shoulder armor piece and also the mid-riff belt as I think that is the best look and what I use. For the Freebooter Raider it does the same thing. I did not include an SHB version as it is not needed. Anyone using BodySlide and SHB can use the built in ZAP slider boxes to customize the look themselves. Of course you can still use these files with SHB or BS but they will get over-written the next time you rebuild the files in BodySlide. Also added a third version which are just pants and boots - no armor, no shirt, no collar.

The Freebooter armor weighs 17 lbs and has a base DR of 100 (Gage's is 80), ER of 70 (same), and RR of 15 (added). It takes up arms, legs, and torso slots (head and hands open). Armor parts (leather, metal, combat, etc.) can be worn on the arms and chest. Leg parts are not allowed as it would cause too much clipping. The chest depends on what you put on it so left it open. The armor is also modifiable at the armor workbench. It includes the ability to add mods for the miscellaneous category (such as ultra-light build or padded) and for ballistic weave. The Freebooter Raider is similar except it has DR 80, ER 50, RR of 5 and weighs 12 lbs. It also adds +1 AGI and +1 END. The Marauder pants provide DR5, ER5, RR5, weighs 2 pounds, adds +1 to STR and END.

They can be crafted at the chemistry lab under utilities (see this crafting image for an idea of what is required) and requires the armorer perk rank 2 since this is a more advanced armor (the pants have no requirement ... they are just pants). You can also use the AWKCR patch to use it with Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) by Valdacil - Gambit77 - Andre. Install the patch over one of the main files so you can craft the armor at the Armor Smith Workbench (under Outfits - Rugged).

This mod is stand alone in the sense that it won't change the look of the armor worn by Gage. It does, however, share textures and materials with Gage's armor so if you have a mod that changes the textures and materials used by Gage's armor then that could affect this mod as well. I left it that way for flexibility in case people have their own textures they would want to use.

Lastly the images I took to display the armor also have my character showing some of the various accessories that can be worn with the armor safely (minimal clipping). Some of the mods used are: Leather Torso Armor Replace - Belt Variation, Tactical Flashlights, The Rebel Face Mask, West Tek Tactical Optics - Night Vision Thermal Vision Goggles and More, Apocalypse Accessories - Glasses - Scarves - Bags, Danses Wearable Holotags, Outlaw Outfit, Railroad Renegade Outfit, and Survivalist Go-Bags.

To install the vanilla version:

- Download and install using the method of your choice. I set it up for NMM or manual.
- It will use the vanilla body mesh and whatever textures you have installed.
- This is for males (this vanilla version can be worn by females but it will display the female version of Gage's armor instead)
- If using the optional look patch just install it last and overwrite the files when asked.

To install the Super Hero Bodies for Men (SHB) version:

- Download and install Super Hero Bodies (Enhanced Vanilla Bodies Conversion) by smorris2012.
- Download the Freebooter SHB file and install.
- You can use the default vanilla base SHB body slide settings I built into the Freebooter outfits, and included as part of the download, or you can use your own. See the SHB page for tutorials and help on using SHB as that is outside of the scope of this mod.
- This is only for males and uses the SHB-EVB male body mesh. Textures can be any male body textures that work with EVB and SHB*. Using some other male body mesh may produce unusual results.
- As a bonus I left in the ZAP sliders in the SHB bodyslide project I used to make this armor. If you don't know how to use a ZAP slider see my help section further down.

* SHB uses the nevernude version of EVB so the nude version will not work right. There are other flavors of SHB and I recommend trying Natural Male Textures SHB Vanilla by Avallonkao. Not only is this a GREAT looking texture mod, with its own materials, but it is made to work with SHB. It comes only with material and texture files so you can continue to use the male mesh that is recommended. Avallonkao also provides links for nude male textures and a nude version of SHB that should work okay with this mod. I did some limited testing and saw no initial problems although you will need to configure the set-up as outlined by Avallonkao.

To Uninstall:

To uninstall the vanilla version simply remove it using whatever method you used to install it. The vanilla version is just the ESP file and the mesh's for the armor. For SHB it will remove the ESP, armor mesh's, and the ShapeData and SliderSet files for the mod. If you included that project in your BodySlide SHB group you will have to remove that manually.

Compatibility and Recommended Mods:

This should be compatible with most things since it is a stand-alone version and primarily just consist of an ESP and four meshes in their own unique folder (plus SHB project files for the SHB version).

I highly recommend the Wasteland Ranger Outfit by Anataron along with this mod as the two outfits look very good together when you pair up with a companion/follower.

I also like using some of the accessories from Apocalypse Accessories - Glasses - Scarves - Bags by Elianora and jet4571. You can also find a nice sling harness from Outlaw Outfit by brokefoot.

Help and FAQ:

Q: Can I use this with the AWKCR mod?
A: Yes, just use the optional patch. Download a main file and install. Then download the AWKCR patch and let it overwrite the Freebooter.esp file. The item is under Outfits - Rugged.

Q: Can you make a patch to use Armorsmith Extended (AE)?
A: No.

Q: How do I use SHB?
A: See the SHB nexus page for guides and tutorials

Q: Will this mod work for females? Will you make a female version?
A: No, while the vanilla version can be worn by females it will display the female version of Gage's armor and not this mods look. No, as I have no motivation to make a female version as there are plenty of female only outfits already on Nexus.

Q: Will you release a console version?
A: I may make a console version available at some point if I can figure out how and find someone able to help test it (since I don't own a console). I think the vanilla version would work okay but pretty sure the SHB version would not.

Q: What is a Zap Slider? And why does the BodySlide settings for the SHB Freebooter Tank project have check boxes and not sliders?
A: I used ZAP sliders to make it easy to toggle the visibility of certain elements on the Freebooter armor mesh (NIF). This way when you "build" the armor you can decide what displays and what doesn't. It is very important, however, that when you build the armor you do NOT do it with the batch build as it will ignore the ZAP sliders - and at the very least you want to ZAP the lower legs beneath the pants to prevent clipping issues. Instead manually build it with the BUILD button after checking the ZAP boxes you want. Look at this old sample image of the Freebooter BodySlide settings to see what it looks like. The "lower legs beneath pants" box (if checked) will hide the legs underneath the pants preventing clipping and is better optimized. The tummy midrift belt will display or hide the belt around the stomach (I strongly recommend hiding this if going shirtless as it looked horrible to me otherwise). The Tank-top will display or hide the tank-top on your character. Note: I updated the files so there are more ZAP options now including ones to toggle the display of one or both of the shoulder pads and/or the chains that come with them.

Many thanks to:

Super Hero Bodies (Enhanced Vanilla Bodies Conversion) by smorris2012
Leito86's Enhanced Vanilla Bodies
The folks who made the AWKCR mod: Valdacil - Gambit77 - Andre
Bethesda for the game
Elinora for Inspiration
Anataron for his patience and guidance over many PM's and long nights. He also helped with the initial NIF file for the armor by removing some of the straps for me while I learned how to make ZAP sliders and increased my working knowledge for using BodySlide and NifSkope.
Nomadwarmachine for the idea of combining the shirt and no-shirt versions into a single ESP so you can craft both of them in-game

This is a nexus exclusive and is not to be uploaded at any other site without my permission. None of the assets I created for this mod may be used without my explicit permission.