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A Random Dude's Story consists of two parts. First, it is a fully customizable player home with many unique features. And It's got a dumped quest that will tell you original story filled with memes, easter eags and references to the modern (and not so) games and movies! Based on a real event. What are you waiting for?! Baited!

Permissions and credits

Quick note. In case you're wondering "can that guy count to one?" The first iteration of this mod was toggled offline by moderators because of the copyrighted content (2 music tracks). This release aims to fix the problem while the old file is hidden. Was difficult to find a replacement, but now only copyright-free music is used. See the Credits section below for more info.  Also some level optimization were implemented in this version.

You know there is a saying: “What a nice player home. I wish they added a quest for it.” Well… That’s exactly the case. Initially started as a customizable player house, it eventually enveloped into some sort of a trash quest. Please don’t ask me why, don’t ask me what’s what. I don’t know! This is my first mod and the goal was to release a quality piece of content with original ideas and some decent post-production value. That being said, let me introduce you to A Random Dude’s Story, based on a very true story ever told! Here comes the trailer (btw if you like video, don't hesitate to drop me a thumb up and subscribe to my channel):

A Random Dude’s Story is a 50/50 quest/house mod. This includes:

[House features]
  • Fully customizable apartment. And I don’t mean an ugly designed empty room with only workstation in it. There is a workshop mode available for this apartment, and what's more interesting is that the house has a modular system. Mod makes a good use of vanilla assets. You can change main room, hall, lobby, kitchen, floors, doors, curtains and other stuff to your own liking! There’re almost 26 Million combinations (if I’m not mistaken, lol). Apart from that the apartment is stuffed by default. You may s-c-r-a-t-c-h my carefully planned interior. But if you do so, you come home and go to sleep – I'm gonna be under your bed!

  • Custom and sexy weapon racks! Crafted even before Bethesda’s Wasteland Workshop DLC came out. Check the screens. Fully functional by the way. You can place your actual weapon there. Works with any weapon mods.

  • Many of interactive objects. Fireplace, candles, toys, clocks, posters, backlights, switchable radio receiver, curtains and loudspeakers.

  • Dynamic day-night cycle. Cause it sounds like you’ve implemented something complicated and all of the mod authors list it.

  • Transparent windows. Yeah, you can see the outside!

  • Face editing mirror. Wanna get a new haircut? Become a woman? Np, you can transform your character in no time.

  • 2 new music tracks specially composed for the house location.

[Quest features]
  • 40 minutes to hour long quest with two new locations for that purpose

  • Fully voiced dialogues. Main character (both male and female) included!

  • Mems, canserous jokes, gags and easter eags. Get em all!

  • Bethesda-styled storytelling (or not)

  • New gun as a reward. Comes with a very odd enchantment. I shall say no more. Let you investigate it for yourselves.

  • Custom scripted boss battle

  • New outfits
To buy this apartment and start a quest go to Dugout Inn (located in Diamond City). Then talk to Vadim. NOTE. The quest was designed to fire when Vadim is alive (obviously) and stands at the bar counter. That is why you should have a “Confidence Man” quest not running (the one you help Travis and that sort of thing). Because During that quest Vadim leaves Dugout Inn at some point which ruins my quest’s logic.

Tip 1: After you complete the story, wait for 3 days or so and visit Dugout Inn once again. If Duke haven't been killed, he'll be available for conversation.
Tip 2: Somebody reported a glitch were John and the entire Diamond City goes hostile towards you right after you give John caps for the contract. This is odd, what can I say. But you're not forced to buy it, you can simply steal it from John. It needs to be obtained. Althought if you steal it, don't tell Nick about it when you get the chance, he certainly won't be pleased with that.

Quaz30 for some models, willbik for the gun modeling and letting me use it. Sam Fisher for porting it to the game,
Luka Lebanidze for the house theme,
Oscar Henderson [SoundCloud] and Andrew Beadle for the house theme,

Not a member but still... I thought it would be fair to say thanks to Elianora, as her home designs were inspiring and full of nice architecture ideas.

And of course it would be impossible to accomplishthis mod without voice actors. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. It is the biggest present for me as a creator and plot writer to have such people who can execute my idea. Stay awesome!

Voice actors:
Zachary Michael [Personal site] – the voice of Male protagonist,
Ashlee Shadegloom Todd [Facebook]– the voice of Female protagonist,
Will Temperance10 Handford [YouTubeSoundCloud] – the voice of Scary Terry, raiders and Brandon,
Seddon4494 [YouTube] – the voice of John,
Skinnytecboy [YouTube] – the voice of Duke,
Werr(myself) [YouTube]– the voice of Nick and Vadim.

Third party content and Copyrights. This mod also uses a “A1_No” song by HS. His files are distributed under the Creative Commons license. Thanks to Liam Seagrave for dark ambient music. Used some of his covers. And MLG song by Vex (CC). Please note, all of the requirements to use their content were fulfilled (as stated by these authors on the respective linked pages) and a proper credit given.

You will need Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop DLC.

I will add XB1 version of this mod to Bethesda.net later myself. You’re not allowed to do so.

If you’re interested in making a localization for themod, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll help you with whatever I can.

You can’t use any assets (scripts as intellectualproperty included) from this mod without having my written permission first.

You can’t upload this mod to other websites withouthaving my written permission first. Please respect the amount of work done, my efforts to craft and organize all of this and my will to publish this content where
I like.
Other than that, you’re more than welcome to contact me if you have questions, add screenshots to the gallery, make a review / letsplay of the mod, post comments, bug reports etc.

Thank you very much for giving this mod a try. Hope you will enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.