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Commie Starter Pack

Update 1.1: Now available on Xbox one.

- Plasma and electromagnetic handmade assault rifle
- (optical) modifications for the handmade assault rifle
- Molotov & Fusion Core grenade
- New outposts
- A potato plant
- More items
- It should fix the CTDs

- About the new EM & Plasma Kalash:
- They have to be crafted at the chemstation or purchased from the merchant in Goodneighbor,
- You can use the same weapon modifications as the handmade assault rifle on it, including the new ones.
- They require special ammo. You can craft it at the chemstation.


- Dozens of new Items and some collectables
- 2 armour sets (re textured versions of the travel coat) and a gas mask-ushanka
- A full stock and legendary parts for the handmade rifle (Nukaworld)
- 2 new locations with NPCs and a merchant
- A new melee weapon
- Decorations for your settlements
- Recipes for Chem Station

Possible Future Updates:

- New Companions/Settlers
- A new settlement
- New stuff
- New Radio
- All ideas are welcome!


- Old USSR Embassy
The main location, where all the NPCs are situated. It is located in Goodneighbor in front of the Memory Den. See Pictures!
ID: goodneighborcommiehideout01

- Secret Spy Cellar 
A small hidden bunker located in one of the houses in sanctuary. The main purpose is to give the player  some starting items. 
ID: sanctuarycommiehideout01

- Chest with all items in (type in console) "coc qasmoke"

Small Item Description:

All new Items are available at the two locations, some are even craft able at the Chem Station under "Commie Items" and most of them can be purchased from the Merchant located in the Old USSR Embassy. The decorations (flags, pictures) for the workshop are under
Decorations>Paintings. The "Capital Complete Edition" has no Havoc Data so it will not fall to the ground when dropped.
[/left] Requirements:

DLC Nuka-World
DLC Far Harbour 


RAR file Contains 1 .esp and 2 .ba2 achieves
- Install with any Mod Manager or manually by extracting the contents to Fallout 4/Data
- Destroy Capitalism (optional)


Should be compatible with any mods as long as they don't edit the same locations. The mod is script free and has its own levelled lists.

Some fictional lore regarding the USSR made up by myself:

Since there is no lore about the USSR, I will write some just for fun and to give this mod some kind of back story. Note that English is not my native language. 

After the death of Stalin 1953 the CPSU went through some dramatic changes. Freedom of speech was granted by law and thousands of political prisoners were released. A ten year plan was created to establish socialism in the whole union. It was a hard and long way but in the end it succeeded. The development of robots and computers played a vital role in building a strong and at the same time socialist economy. Poverty became nearly extinct. 
The USSR maintained good relations with the West but because of its socialist society and ideals there were some minor diplomatic issues. Unlike the sometimes difficult but peaceful relations with western nations, the USSR was cough in an ideological conflict with its neighbour China, witch feared that if it's population would became aware of the achievements that were brought by Socialism in the USSR, they would start a revolution and overthrow the Mao regime. When the war between China and the USA escalated and the bombs fell, Chinese officials ordered a nuclear strike against the USSR, still thinking they could survive the war. As the sirens started, a few thousand people managed to seek shelter in the vast Metro systems across the Union. Due to the fallout and nuclear winter the survivors staid inside. As there was no money nor an economy and survival became the highest priority, a communist society was finally created. 
About 100 years after the war expeditionary groups were sent out to travel the old world. A small group travelled through Europe to the East Coast of the former USA, where they restored the old USSR embassy in Boston.