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Now with basic vanilla support by request! A trippy, colorful ensemble of outfits inspired by the business of Tina DeLuca after leaving Vault 81. Features the artwork of ImTabe and BenEphla of DeviantArt. 5 outfits, 4 jackets, 4 stand-alone chem harnesses and many tie-dye options to suit most tastes.

Permissions and credits

MunkySpunk's Tina DeLuca's Candy Land for CBBE and Atomic Beauty
5 outfits, 4 standalone chem harnesses, 10+ retextured shirts, and a new pony!
*Basic female vanilla version (sorry guys, no fishnets for you)*
**Optional standalone chem harnesses for vanilla male and female**
Next project: Cait's curmudgeonly chem-addicted Celtic cage combatant clothing collection comes calling

The mod made hotfiles!! BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came back and endorsed!
It survived the night on hotfiles too, miracle!!

Did it ever strike you how casually Tina DeLuca took the news of her twin brother's death? It's almost like the ex-junkie who was forced to stay in a place she hated to spend her life taking care of a loser brother hooked on chems kind of wanted him dead. Why else would she ask a heavily armed and extremely dangerous complete stranger to have an intervention in private with her violently jetted out brother? Did the Gauss rifle and flaming sword not clue her in that the Lone Wanderer was not exactly a licensed substance abuse counselor?

Maybe it did clue her in. Maybe she did want Bobby out of the way so she could leave. After all, she heard her brother was dead and essentially said, "I guess it couldn't be helped." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Tina learning of her twin's death - dramatic reenactment)

Tina was "devastated" by the news of her twin's untimely demise, no longer would she experience the joy of caring for a co-dependent drug addled, irresponsible loser to tie her to the vault. She had time on her hands, only herself to take care of, and the resources of a still functional Vault behind her. What's a girl to do? After checking his pockets for loose caps, and dumping his body in a Vault-tec container in the rat's nest, Tina ventured out of Vault 81 and into the libertarian paradise of the Commonwealth to make her mark. How did she earn caps? What did Tina know best? Nuclear engineering and chems. Yes, the junkie who maintained the Vault 81 generator had a couple of exceedingly useful and in-demand skills to ply upon this great tax-free dystopian surface world.

Besides maintaining the Vault 81 generator (electrician outfits are no fun), Tina had a very contemporary understanding of chems and other mind
altering substances. Grabbing what she could from the Vault 81 store rooms, including a number of chemistry supplies, shirts, leggings, pants, and a whole crapload of chems, Tina headed into the big world to her new life. She had a plan and she had skills. Now all she needed was the starting point.

Tina found Solomon in Diamond City to be a very capable and willing business partner. In exchange for his customer base, initial stock, lab equipment, and name brand for her traveling sales, Tina would supply Solomon with advanced chem and engineering know-how to ramp up his production, improve quality, and manufacture a few new chems.

Tina was soon in direct competition with Doc Weathers, Doc Anderson, and Fred Allen but had three things they didn't have - access to a working Vault with its supplies and intact textiles, Vault resident skin and deodorant, and an awesome outfit mashup mod named after her. 

She's leaving one way or another. That's OK Tina, I won't tell if you don't.
We can blame it on the Lone Wanderer.

Original Stimpak artwork used with permission and other artwork in screenshot background courtesy of ImTabe from Devianart. Truly a master of video game lore art. Ave, True to Caesar.

Stimpaks: Preferred by nine out of ten survivors. The tenth was a shill for Med-Tek.


Clothing (Armorer 1): +1 Int, +1 Cha, railroad weave compatible
Jackets (Armorer 1, Science 1): 35/35/35 rating, railroad weave compatible
Harness (Science 2, Chemist 1): Half the chance of chem addiction, auto stimpak pump (Tina was an engineer too)

Craft at the chem bench (HA!) under 'TINA'S CANDY LAND.' The Harness is expensive to craft in terms of components (Chems, radioactive  material, other fun stuff) but worth 1000 on the other side. It isn't meant to be a low level piece of equipment. I did not put a chem duration extension
on because the Chem 2 perk requirement would make it redundant.

Notes on Screenshots: I use Ben Ephla's Unique Chems v1 on my box. So the chems in my screenshots are textured with his artwork. If you do not have this mod, that's fine, but the chems will appear vanilla. You must download his mod (click above) to see what you see in the screens. Some of the screenshots were taken as this was a work in progress, there will inevitably be subtle differences between what you see and what you get.

Instructions: I built versions for both CBBE and Atomic Beauty. Download the one for the mesh you use and install with NMM or manually. You can play the game with the default settings as-is, but accessing the additional tie-dye tops and outfit options requires building in bodyslide. Outfits can be  found in bodyslide under 'Tina's Candy Land' and 'AB Tina's Candy Land' for CBBE and AB respectively. I have set up the outfits to have lots of zap sliders so you can use bodyslide to suit the build to your tastes with different tops and bottom options. Look at the screenshots for a good idea of what's  included. I tried to be as thorough as possible.

There are lots of components to this wardrobe - expect imperfections. Both versions have meshes that are pre-built to zero'd slider body types. If you want to change that, use bodyslide. There will be subtle differences between CBBE and Atomic Beauty versions. This is due to different assets available for each mesh. That's just the way it is people.

Notes on Vanilla version: Male body shape is supported in the chem harnesses only. There is no male version to the outfits. While I agree that beyond biology, gender is a social construct and anyone should be free to wear whatever they want, I can't imagine the demand for males wearing striped fishnets over leggings and a naughty nurse dress is high enough to justify the work on my end. The female version is a basic default-only version for female characters. I built the CBBE outfits to the Vanilla shape and then put them into a zip file. You will get what you see on the main picture above, as all the different top options are in bodyslide.

FYI and Anticipcated FAQs:

"This isn't lore friendly": Access to clean and intact clothes? Vault check. Nuclear engineering and chemistry know how? Check. Wants to leave to Vault? Check. Fresh tie-dye materials? If 14 year olds can do it in their bedroom the night before school pictures with rubber bands and a bucket, so can Tina the nuclear engineer and chemist. Business acumen? Tina was programmed to be a level 4 merchant, Bethesda just never bothered to finish that aspect. Assign her to a merchant stall and compare her stock to Rylee and Vault-Tec Rep, just don't expect dialogue. If you don't agree, lodge a complaint with our customer service department.

"Why does all this have to be done in bodyslide?":
That's the way I made it. I might separate them out into an outfit ensemble, but I doubt it, that's a lot of work. I'm probably going to just release a ton of Tank top and Shorts retextures instead. If anyone would like to write the material swaps into an ESP, be my guest.

"Skimpy isn't "my cup of tea"": Yeah, I anticipated you using "cup of tea" too. Have you actually looked at the outfits? No really, how little skin does it have to be to please some of you? If bare midriffs offend you, build the full shirts with the full jeans I included and keep your opinion to yourself - how hard is that? I went to great lengths to add a set of full length shirts for you people. If bare shoulders and arms offend you, skip the download and either join the Amish or gouge out your eyes, because those are the only ways you'll ever be happy.

"I don't like the cavalier attitude about drugs!": It's in a game....... It's in a game with a cavalier attitude about radiation and nuclear annihilation.

Sharing: This ensemble is a retexture and mashup from many different sources as well as a decent amount of work by myself. All resources were graciously shared with permission from the authors who value the modding community spirit. If you'd like to use any retextures, meshes, or bodyslide files, please drop me a PM. I'll almost definitely say yes unless you're one of the modders who is a douche about sharing. You know who you are. No really, I care more about ass clowns not using this than what they're going to do with it.

Credits: The list is long. Permissions are either explicitly sought and granted via PM or blanket given for the community to use. If I have missed
anything, I assure you it was unintentional. There were a LOT of components to this and parts of meshes I deleted, and I sincerely believe I asked everyone I needed to. Please PM me and I hope we can resolve it. I do not ask for any money for this, so please don't knee jerk and get the mod removed without even trying to reach an amiable agreement or giving me time to find a substitute, you're just taking away from the community.

Humannature66 - Nurse Ratched leggings and Tinapalooza torn jeans
Ralfetas - All jackets and Nurse Ratched top
DeserterX/Nsk13 - Tank top meshes, shorts, Nurse's dress texture, unlaced boots
Ephla442 - Pill bottle meshes and textures (Seriously, download his retextured chems, makes the mod look amazing)
ImTabe - Stimpak artwork, color inspiration for Candy Shop
Akira/Fury Road - Jacket inspirations
2pac4eva7 - Nurse dress mesh
Zenna - Fishnets
OniNigma - Leggings
Sero141 - Cropping Oninigma's leggings
Vasstek - Accessories harness base
Vulgluscris - Panties
Jordan1q2 - Tinapalooza intact jeans and shoes