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Better Settlement Defence - Makes those hundreds of turrets actually do something when you're not around by taking away the random aspect of settlement attacks.

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Requires F4SE, Workshop Framework
MCM Compatible

Translating BS Defence


If you ever thought of making sure your settlement is properly defended, you might want to rethink those plans. As it turns out, there's actually a limit on how well defended your settlement can be, in the base game. Basically the way it works is, when you don't fly to your settlement's rescue, the game will do some calculations to determine the outcome...

It will take your Defence + Population as your Defence Strength,
and your ((Food + Water) +/- (Food + Water)/2) as your Attack Strength.
It then adds a number from 1-100 to both (different numbers for each) to create the Attack Roll & Defence Roll.
Finally it compares the two and if the Defence Roll is higher than or equal to the Attack Roll, you win!

You might be thinking now "Well if I simply always have my defence 100 points above my Food & Water total I can get around this RNG stuff, and win every time". Well no, because your initial Defence Strength is actually capped at 100, as well as the enemy's Attack Strength.
No matter how high your Defence is, and how low your Food & Water are when an attack happens, they'll both always be within 100 points of each other when their Rolls are calculated. So even with a Food + Water value of 5 and a Defence value of 100, your settlement will still have the potential to lose.

This is alleviated somewhat by Bethesda giving the final Defence Roll a cap of 200, while giving the Attack Roll a cap of only 150. This means at the maximums of 100 Defence and 100 Food + Water, when the Defence Roll is calculated: 50 out of 100 of possible Rolls will result in a win, since the final Roll only needs to be higher than 150, instead of whatever the total that Attack Strength + 1-100 might generate.

But anyway the point is, you're not getting around that random aspect.
That's why I made this really - Because I wanted the ability to give settlements security that made at least a little more sense.
And honestly, it really was a bit strange that it was left this much to chance when you were away. The very idea that your military-grade fortress could only slaughter those 3 Raider Scum when you turned up has always made me wonder about the kind of hilarious settler stoogerey that must be going on when you're not around that your 700 laser turrets are somehow defeated by a group of junkies and their dog.

Version 2.0

- Mod was updated to use the Workshop Framework - Created by Kinggath and his team.
- Everything is now accomplished using custom scripts. No more base script edits!
- MCM options added.

Basically, I've set it up so that if your Defence value (Safety+Population) is greater than/equal to the Attack value (Food+Water), you will win automatically. This is accomplished by manipulating globals from the Workshop Framework that allow simple editing of values contained in the WorkshopParentScript.
Also, if your Defence value just so happens to be less than the Attack value, then the winner will be decided using the old RNG calculation, with some modified values.

MCM Options

- Resource "Weight" sliders control how much Food, Water, Safety and Population affect the attack calculation. Can be adjusted from x1 down to x0.
- Option to have Food & Water items stored in the workbench taken into account in the calculation. Also affected by the weight sliders.
- Adjust the upper limit of attacks (Max: 999 [Default]).

Coming Soon

Adding notifications displaying the likelyhood that your settlement will win.
Added in V2.1


Install using Vortex or extract into the Fallout4/Data directory.
A notification should pop up notifying you that it has started up when you load the game.

Also, if you decide on keeping it in your game, don't forget to endorse to show your support, Thanks!

Special Thanks

Niston, for the idea and proof-of-concept of having stored Food & Water items considered in the attack calculation, as well as the idea of having a maximum size for attacks.

Kinggath and the rest of the team behind the Workshop Framework. This has made modding settlements so much easier for everyone.

Bethesda, for creating Fallout 4 and making it such an accessible platform for modding.