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Face presets for Fem Char

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Shana Diva
Presets for Looksmenu mod

Shana V021 and Shana V021 Carmen Description:
Shana V021 is new shape of old Shana's face. Shana's face now more realistic. But in my opinion it is far from ideal. The total lack of this version of the face - narrow. You can download the preset as in the screenshot to the V021, it is called Shana V021 Carmen... but in this case you need Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair-.

Shana to Rihanna Description:
It just for fun and nothing more. This preset requires the same mads as Shana Carmen preset.

Shana Diva Description:(Sorry for my BAD English)
This mod adds face presets of Shana. "Shana Diva" is make-up mod for "Shana's face precet". Many details have been improved, changed, added or deleted. The most important difference, "Shana Diva", is adjustment hairstyle and make-up for popular mods that changes the appearance of the character (deLuxe Makeup and Ponytail Hairstyles). There are still 18 presets in pack, but some presets have been heavily modified and renamed, some presets was not included in the pack, some presets is brand new. All presets of "Shana Deva" have marker "M" that means for the mods.  
Anyway, you can still download the original make-up pack created for vanilla game without mods.

Shana Diva More Ditails: 
"Shana Diva" requires make-up mods deLuxe Makeup (both lips and eye liner masks), and Hairstyles by Azar. Do not install this pack without these mods. 
"Shana Vanilla" requires a clean game. Is not worth to install this pack if you have some make-up mods. 
You can download only the shape of Shana's face. "Shana Face pr
eset" contains only the shape of the face and nothing more: no scars, no spots, no makeup, no my presets. Only the shape of the face.

  • Use NMM or other mod manager.  
  • Or copy and paste "data" folder to fallout 4 main folder.

In order to make mods work with latest 'Fallout4' version you need run game with  f4se_loader (Script Extender), not from game .exe.

Shana V021 Required:

Shana V021 Carmen preset Required:
deLuxe Makeup
Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair-

"Shana Diva" Required:
Hairstyles by Azar
deLuxe Makeup

"Shana Vanilla" Required:

Specil Thanks:
Expired6978 for Looksmenu
Cibas for deLuxe Makeup
Azar for Ponnytail Hairstyle
Aarwyn and ANiceOakTree for Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair