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Now contains snap points for all stairs and ramps.

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Reviewed in this video by a fellow modder: SnowAspire

You can expect anything that A: would fit the reputation of marble, & B: I could recognize in the games meshes.ba2 file.

I got tired of having only one type of foundation (excluding the works of DDProductions). So I have added 14 new Foundation, Wall-1/2Wall, Doorway, Small Floor pieces all with different textures. This includes Black Marble, Green Marble, Red Marble, Blue Marble, Red Brick, Old Red Brick, Dirty Grey Brick & Cinder Block, along with three types of Stone Brick & three types of Stone Tile. This now comes in SKE, NON-SKE & HMM versions.

Note: I update the mod description instead of doing change logs to be a lazy typer, if you want to know about any changes look here. The only changes I will be making to this mod are additions.

                                                                                 Updates & Changes:

The Stone & Marble Works now comes with large floors & upper floors, reason being that you can't in real life have a cotton canopy made of marble. The upper floors still have roof snapping capability that we can thank Bethesda for, and floor snapping capability on the "upper" floor. (Just of about the top of a stairwell but with no hole for stairs) Plus the icon is now fixed. This will be the last update for awhile because I will be adding a few hundred more pieces to the workshop.

Version 3.0: Now contains curved, angled & windowed pieces, also stairs and ramps.

Note: Having trouble with snap points, thus there are no snap points for the stairs or ramps as yet.

IMPORTANT: This mod will nolonger be an SKE mod.

Version 3.1: Now contains snap points for all stairs and ramps.

Next update will have more workshop sets as well as more texture sets. The categories will however be recategorized to accomidate the new sets and better incorperate the pieces as the mod grows.
Future Updates:

When Stone & Marble Works is complete The will be a full magazine quest with custom magazines (like Picket Fences) to unlock the workshop pieces, and minerals to find for components, maybe even a quest with a rundown factory to explore. Til then enjoy the mod and keep modding. I still have ALOT more work to do & ALOT more to add before I am done.   

Installation: Drop all contents into "Data" folder. If you have a copy of the old version just delete the "More Foundations.esp" and allow all folders, subfolders and files to overwrite.