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A mod to rebalance the weapons of the Commonwealth, Automatron, Far Harbor, and Nuka World.

Permissions and credits
The goal of this mod is to rebalance the ways weapons work in fallout 4 so that no weapon is truly without use in some respect. The biggest focus point for the slew of very similarly functioning weapons is ammo type. The more common and cheaper .45 shouldn't be stronger than a weapon using the rarer 5.56 for instance.

The is inspired in part by Weapon Balance Overhaul, I used it for some time but didn't agree with every change, and desired more extensive changes. As well as a mod that balances all the DLC weapons as well, and well I figured if I wanted it bad enough, might as well do it myself than wait for others!

One of the big differences between my mod and others, is I actually spent quite a long time modifying not just the base guns, but their mods in order to achieve a better balance. I also modify many of the ammunition's used in these weapons, particularly better balancing them for survival with new weights.

For the sake of transparency, while I tried to base changes off weapons relations to other similar weapons (meaning they should be balanced more or less universally), the parameters for my testing/personal gameplay is a modified survival mode (Damage output by the player reduced to 1.0(normal) damage, via the wonderful Survival Options mod by Jekod) and running my own Rebalanced Perks mod.

Gun Changes:


Submachine Gun - One of my most dramatically changed weapons, in the vanilla game the Submachine gun was fairly worthless, by the time you have enough .45 to justify using it, you have access to the far superior combat rifle. The Submachine guns base damage has been buffed quite a bit, and all the receivers have been buffed more considerably as well. Especially the final receiver, which now requires Gun Nut 4 to craft, rather than 3. In its final form, the Submachine Gun does only slightly less damage then the combat rifle, but has a much higher fire rate, making it the clear choice for raw DPS, however it also has more recoil, and lower accuracy.
1.3 - Weight lowered so that its still lighter than the Combat Rifle or Assault Rifle

Combat Rifle - Minor tweaks to coincide with the changes to the Submachine Gun, the .308 conversion has been considerably buffed. Previously its damage was only slightly higher than a single-shot assault rifle, a .308 chambered weapon should outclass 5.56, and now it does.
1.3 - Weight lowered
1.6 - The .38 Conversion has been reduced to requiring Gun Nut 1, (who the hell would be high enough level for Gun Nut 4 and go "Oh yeah, i want a piddly gun that cant hurt enemies the same level as me.") The Short Ported Barrel and Long Light Barrel have been reduced to Gun Nut 2. The Full Stock has been reduced to Gun Nut 2.

Radium Rifle - Brought down to be more or less a slightly worse combat rifle, with radiation damage. Given the limited uses of this damage, and the guns own naturally violent recoil compared to the Combat Rifle, I considered this fair.
1.3 - Weight Lowered
1.6 - Full Stock reduced to Science 2

Alien Blaster - Another hefty overhaul, the damage has been increased by nearly triple, however converting it to fusion cells, lowers the damage to roughly that of a laser pistol. This makes the finite alien ammunition actually give you a overpowered weapon similar to the other fallout games, only to have it de-powered when you run out and convert it. Makes it a great gun for getting out of tight spots in the early game.

Assault Rifle - Fairly minor tweaks, mostly buffing it so its damage was noticeably higher than .45 weapons that it previously was very similar to, but not by too much, just making it clear that 5.56 > .45
1.3 - Weight Lowered considerably
1.6 - Quick Eject Magazine reduced to Gun Nut 3

Missile Launcher - Doubled the damage, this change might be a bit more controversial depending on your perks. There is a oversight with Heavy Gunner and Demo expert, where taking both would give the Missile Launcher and Fat Man, quadruple damage. (It would take the doubled damage, and double it again.) However my rationale is this: you shouldn't need 9 perks to make a gun useful, there is also a included optional plugin, that removes the explosive damage buff Heavy Gunner gives to heavy weapons (It will still affect the ballistic damage, in the missile launchers case, all 15 of it.) Or if you follow this shameless plug, you will find my own perk rebalance mod that also contains this fix.
1.3 - Weight Reduced so that it wont exceed 40 weight fully modded. Absurd.

Fat Man - Damage for it, and all of its many, many projectiles (Except the bowling ball one) a 50% damage buff.

Broadsider - Now out-damages the harpoon gun, as it should using a rare and expensive ammo. This also suffers from the perk oversight the missile launcher and fat man do (despite barely being a explosive weapon) Also reduced the effect gravity has on cannonballs, so they should fire a little straighter now and less like a grenade launcher with no splash damage.

Salvaged Assaultron Head - I did the obvious thing, and buffed the damage quite a bit. Previously it did like, 2 more points of damage than the laser musket. Except the laser musket doesn't backfire radiation and try to kill you. I wouldn't recommend this weapon in a sustained firefight, but if you want to put a quick end to someone...oh baby.

Laser Musket - Almost entirely left alone, it already has one of the highest per-shot damage outputs of the game, and uses a cheap and common ammo source. However I did change the splitter barrel to actually increase the damage by more than a just a few points, this makes the decision to turn the Laser Musket into a alpha strike shotgun more viable, and will give you more bang for your buck.
1.3 - Weight Reduced Slightly
1.8 - Reload Sped up slightly to make using as a shotgun more viable if thats your poison, splitter barrel damage boost doubled.

Laser Rifle - Another gun I worked on extensively, I needed to differentiate it from the Institute Laser without just going "Institute is more advanced, thus their gun should be better" as you get both weapons at the same point in the game. The Laser rifle boasts higher damage, and a smaller cone of fire making it more accurate at long range than its plastic cousin. Its simple and reliable. The sniper barrel's damage has been buffed a little, and its charge time lowered from 3 seconds, to 2 seconds. The Splitter barrels both boast higher damage (and could be used in combination with the sniper barrel for a high damage, slow fire rate shotgun experience.) It wont achieve double barrel damage, but you dont have to reload it after 2 shots, and it uses a cheap ammo source.

1.5 - Wazer Wifle - It seemed redundant for the game to have two named Laser Rifles with the exact same legendary effect (Never Ending), and since its pretty late game when you get this weapon (especially late for a laser rifle) I gave it the "Powerful" legendary effect, giving it more damage.

Institute Laser - While the Laser is simple and reliable, the Institute Laser I felt should embody the combat style of the coursers, fast and bloody. Coursers don't fight you down range from a fortified bunker, they are assassins not soldiers. As such the Institute Laser's compensator's now reduce recoil more than the Laser compensators, and the gun itself has a higher fire rate despite its lower damage, making it deadlier than the laser at close range. The splitter barrel has been given the same damage buff the laser splitters have been given. The gun being made of advanced plastics, is now slightly lighter than the laser rifle, and given the institutes quest for more efficient sources of power, has a higher ammo capacity.

Double Barrel Shotgun - Buffed the damage so that it clearly outclasses the combat shotgun, at the cost of its tiny ammo capacity.
1.3 - Weight Reduced Slightly
1.6 - Muzzle Break reduced to Gun Nut 1

Plasma Gun  - Flamer conversion's damage buffed slightly so that its not just a shitty version of the automatic conversion that you can only use at point blank. Splitter barrel buffed extensively, its now the highest damage you can get out of the Plasma Rifle, and the highest damage shotgun in the game. (Plasma Cartridge > Shotgun shell, any day of the week) as it made no sense to use when you could just unload the sniper barrel at point blank for better effect. Included a fix so that plasma weapons benefit from the penetrator perk.

.44 - the .44 has been buffed to match its Nuka World cousin, the Western Revolver (Lets be real, the Western Revolver was bethesda's way of saying "we fucked up and the .44 was WAY underpowered." but rather than fix it, they added a whole new gun.)

Western Revolver - The damage has been lowered slightly, making the .44 the better gun for raw damage per shot, but the fire rate is slightly improved, giving it just slightly more DPS (The differences are so minor, the guns are practically interchangeable depending on which you prefer visually, which they are the same gun for all intents and purposes anyway.)
1.6 - Removed the Gunslinger perk requirements, since its now so interchangeable to the .44, now if you find a legendary one early on and dont have gunslinger, you can use it.

10mm - damage buffed to be closer to that of the Deliverer.

Deliverer - damage nerfed to be slightly under the new 10mm, fire rate increased, weight lowered. Similar relationship as the .44 and Western Revolver, now if you find a legendary 10mm you like better, the deliverer wont be so statistically better you feel obligated to keep using it, but at base it is still better for DPS (and has a good legendary effect to boot).

1.3 - Cryolator - Weight Lowered Slightly
1.8.2 - Buffed ammo capacity from 25 to 100, so it no longer empties in a instant.

Lever Action Rifle - Long Barrel mods now give it +2 ammo capacity.
1.3 - Weight Lowered Slightly

Hunting Rifle - .50 conversion buffed immensely so that its one of the most damaging ballistic weapons in the game before the Gauss Rifle, fire rate of the .50 receiver however has been lowered.
1.3 - Weight Lowered

Gauss Rifle - Ammo capacity nerfed, now holds 1 round at base, 2 with full capacitors, and 3 with the maximum capacitors.
1.3 - Weight Lowered
1.7 - Ammo Capacity buffed back a bit. 3 at base, 4 with full capacitors, and 6 with maximum.

Junk Jet - Buffed damage by 150% and honestly it still isnt a exceptionally great weapon. But its at least usable now.

Minigun - Buffed damage by roughly 50% to make it more useful later in the game, when you actually can afford to get more ammo for it.
1.3 - Damage buffed further.

Acid Soaker - Buffed the effects of the Acid Soaker to last 20 seconds instead of 5, the seeming point of it is that you spray a enemy then swap weapons to finish them off while their DT has been reduced (also buffed from 50 to 75 reduction in DT) Weapon swapping in F4 is slow, and the acid soaker is a close range weapon, not worth using if it will only buff one shot from your next gun. The acid damage is also slightly increased so it should be slightly better than legendary bleed (its the only damage the gun outputs, it should have the best DoT in that case!)

1.3  - Flamer - Slight damage buff to make it more desirable compared to other crowd control weapons, dont expect it to turn tough opponents to ash though, its still meant for big groups!

1.3 - Combat Shotgun - Weight Reduced
1.6 - Full Stock reduced to Gun Nut 1

1.3 - Railway Rifle - Weight Reduced

1.3 - Handmade Rifle - Weight Reduced Considerably

1.4 - Gatling Laser - Nerfed it quite a bit, by default its DPS was likely the best in the game, and its ammo was absurdly plentiful. (With all perks you get 1100 shots per fusion core, and fusion cores are extremely plentiful, you can easily rock power armor and gatling laser the entire game without hurting for cores.) The fire rate of the Charging Barrels was roughly doubled, and the damage bonus nearly halved, this was because even with raw damage nerfs to the gun, it would still never stand a chance of burning through a full fusion core any time soon, even at double fire rate it lasts quite a long time. The Ammo capacity of the weapon has been increased to 1100. This means that when you load a core into the weapon while under the effects of the Nuclear Physicist and repair bobblehead perks, it will still load a full core, if you fire until empty without reloading, it will expend a core, rather than using half a cores charge, then swapping to a full core. Keep in mind, unequipping and re-equipping the gun will automatically make it load the most full core in your inventory! Without the perks the weapon will still only load 1 core of charge at a time, displaying as such, without any perks, it will load and display a maximum of 500 ammunition.

: I encountered a bug during testing, sometimes when you take the nuclear physicist perks after acquiring a Gatling laser for the first time, it will stop receiving the benefits at 750 core charge! It will STILL EXPEND A FULL CORE, meaning your cores will be using less charge! (This should not affect power armor as well, as the perks apply power armor drain differently.) If you encounter this, here is how I managed to fix it using console commands: (use the fallout wikia to get the correct id's, the in-game help wont tell you what rank perks are) remove the nuclear physicists (starting with rank 3, and moving backwards) and repair bobblehead perks. Drop the Gatling laser in a container (and maybe even your fusion cores to be sure) Now use commands to add the perks back STARTING with the repair bobblehead, and then nuclear physicist ranks in order! Re-equip your gatling laser, with a full core it should display 999 ammo. I honestly have no idea what causes this bug, but my characters who already had the perks were not affected, and test characters who got the bobblehead before any Nuclear Physicist ranks did not have the bug occur. So I highly recommend doing just that with new characters(its located pretty early in the game) Insight into the cause would be appreciated. Do note this bug is not caused by my mod, it is merely a vanilla bug that can only be noticed with the buff to ammo capacity.

1.5 - Aeternus - because the Never Ending mod is incredibly glitchy on a Gatling Laser (The main result being it having infinite ammo, not using charge of your core, but sometimes it just uses 1 core = 1 shot) Even if it was working properly, you can only load one core at a time anyway, and I already gave gatling lasers maximum capacity, it would do nothing. It has instead been given the "Irradiated" legendary effect. (I tried to select one that at least sort of fit the name, which meant Eternal, or Immortal in latin, Radiation was the closest I could get.)

1.1 - Pipe Gun - Upped the base damage very slightly (2 points) to give it a little more DPS as a automatic (where the weapon really shines, due to heavy availability of .38 ammo.) However as a downside, the ammo capacity has been nerfed. The idea here is the magazines arent machine tooled, and arent perfect, as such, not quite as much ammo fits in them as expected (dents and imperfections preventing the bullets from fitting quite right) this also makes getting those quick-eject mags more rewarding! And just because I like the idea of having it be that much more unsatisfying, the numbers are also uneven due to this. (11, 19, and 37 rounds respectively) I want the gun to remain capable of being your early game work-horse, but just...annoying and unsatisfying to use (Any Metro fans out there, think of "The Bastard" gun) it just makes it that much more satisfying when you upgrade to a real gun.

1.1 - Pipe Bolt-Action - Upped damage considerably. Still fairly worthless in its .308 form as you will most likely find a hunting rifle in concord. However the damage of its .50 conversion is now higher than the peak of the hunting rifles best .308 receiver, but weaker than its .50 receiver, so if you have .50 rounds to spare but only have Gun Nut rank 2, it can viably be used for that purpose. The drawback however, after looking over its reload animation and its lack of a magazine (and you clearly put in one bullet, not a clip like you would a M1 Garand) I decided as a drawback, to reduce its ammo capacity to one bullet. (My only worry was depriving the game of the bolt-action animation, however the reload is the same exact animation, extended.)

1.1 - Pipe Revolver - Only one I didn't nerf in some way. Upon review I realized it has the exact same base damage, as the current 10mm, despite using .45, whoops! Also noticed just how piddly its .308 conversion is, and given the lack of ballistic pistols in the game, and the fact that this gun is far less common than the other two (and imo, better designed, I despise the fact that the bolt-action is nearly exactly the same as the pipe gun), I decided to give it a little love. Base damage has been increased by about 6 points, and the .308 conversion has been buffed considerably. It wont give any other .308 weapon a run for their money, but its the only gunslinger weapon that can even use the ammo and can help round out your arsenal.

1.2 - Harpoon Gun - Flechette mod now increases the damage slightly (why would you make the gun less accurate, and have the risk of not doing full damage should a projectile miss...for nothing?) However it now also increases the spread dramatically (roughly equivalent of a long-barrel double barrel shotgun)
1.8 - Increased the reload speed of the gun to make it more useful, I figured not a whole lot of crossover was present between high agility builds who could get rapid reload, and big guns builds, and the harpoon gun is extremely hampered by its reload.

1.8 - Tesla Rifle - Massively buffed damage, close to quadruple for the semi-auto, around triple for the automatic, double for the charging and charging shotgun barrels. Charging barrel now has a max range of 15, making it triple the shotgun barrel's 5, as opposed to its original 7. In tight quarters, in addition to not requiring much in the way of aiming and arcing multiple targets will outperform a non-legendary laser rifle, and the charging barrels roughly keep pace with the laser musket at 6 cranks. You will see INSANE damage numbers in-game, one thing found during testing is that these numbers are mostly meaningless, the unique projectiles make damage calculations...weird, but the gun wasn't doing anywhere close to advertised damage numbers. You still have some key downsides, range obviously, lower attack speed, much harder time to target limbs and get headshot damage, and most importantly, the lack of legendary variants. Legendary laser muskets and laser rifles will still handily out damage the weapon, but the ability to fire wildly without really aiming cant be understated.
Lob Barrel - The lob barrel was...useless, 100% The trap it laid out did 7 damage per "hit"(The damage is not determined by weapon damage, perks do not affect it at all, the weapon damage is only for the projectile, which cancels out the trap if you hit with it.) and lasted 5 seconds, it often disappeared before or right when enemies reached it. I have modified it to do 45 damage and last 20 seconds, the hidden gem of this may be for melee characters, there is no friendly fire on this and no perk based benefits, so laying down a few before melee based enemies close the distance may give you a small edge in a fight as the ground around you becomes electrified.

Modified Ammo:

Cryo Cell  - Made lighter so its more in line with flamer fuel, made cheaper. Much cheaper. The cryolators most self-defeating problem was the extreme rarity, and absurd price of its ammo, for a fairly average weapon, you never get to use it. Lore-wise it makes sense for cryo ammo to be expensive, but its also a automatic fire only weapon, so if bethesda can put X-01 in a pre-war theme park, I can have reasonably priced cryo ammo. Its roughly twice the price of flamer fuel (2 caps) instead of its original 10 caps base price.

Missile - Lowered the weight dramatically, how was this supposed to be playable in survival? Were they just telling heavy gunners to fuck off? Even buffed, the missile launcher isnt good enough to come NEAR justifying carrying a 45 pound gun AND 7 pound ammo, weight lowered to 1.25.

Mini Nuke(s) - Same deal, weight lowered to 3 for all forms of mini nuke.

5mm - Weight lowered slightly to be more in line with standard weapons, to make sure you can bring enough ammo to use the weapon in one or two sustained fights, like any other automatic.

Flamer Fuel - Same deal as 5mm

Cannonball - Weight brought down to be more in line with Harpoons

Bowling Ball (ammo) - Same as cannonball

Acid concentrate - now way cheaper to craft, the adhesive cost was dropped to 1, and acid cost dropped to 5.

Fusion Core - Weight halved to 2 instead of 4.

Melee Changes:

Melee was seriously the biggest pain in my ass here, the numbers for melee are just a god damned mess, and Nuka World completely fucks up any semblance of balance the weapons had between them. I didnt change much, and need more feedback from melee users to be able to change more. My big focus was medium weapons, with Nuka World the disciples blade (fast) out damages (not dps, raw fucking damage) every. single. medium weapon. Which in turn means it out dps's them by a absurd degree. Also all melee have static swing speeds, theres no RoF like with guns, you are either V.Fast (Rippers) Fast, Medium, or Slow. This means the only thing I can do to balance these, is damage. So my big focus was bringing a select couple of the medium weapons to be somewhere in between the damage of the Nuka World Rocket Sledgehammer mods and the Disciples Cutlass.

Ripper - Upped damage by literally 1 point, it makes a reasonable different in making it less of a chore to take down enemies with high HP.

Mr. Handy Buzzsaw - Upped damage slightly, it should do the old (fully modded) ripper damage + its energy damage.

Shishkebab - Nearly doubled the base damage.

Chinese Officer Sword - Heavily increased base damage, and increased damage of serrated blade significantly.

Assaultron Blade - Decided to make this one interesting, as melee has no dedicated energy weapon. Now obviously lacking lightsabers in the fallout universe, its easy to see why. However I halved the weapons physical damage, but buffed its energy damage by nearly 14 times its original value when modded. Other shock weapons are either jury rigged, or are things like the stun baton, which is intended as a non-lethal weapon. Assaultron blade is the most advanced blade developed by the US military for its line of assassin robots, the electricity it puts out, is meant to be lethal (Otheriwse why electrify a sword?)

Grognaks Axe - Nearly doubled damage.

1.7 changes:

Machete - Slight damage buff to make early game better. Kremvh's tooth has been buffed CONSIDERABLY, it now deals 50 poison damage for 5 seconds (yes, that should equal around 250 damage) this is better than the Radscorpion venom syringe, however when you consider melee isnt "Pop them from a mile away and let the DoT do its job" melee is fast and bloody, you need that person dead NOW. This will allow you to sacrifice people to your eldritch gods much faster. Of course, your gods only want living sacrifices, not robots who are immune to poison. In other words, Its really powerful, especially against living things.

Combat Knife - Slight damage buff to make early game better

Pipe Wrench - Slight damage buff

In terms of DPS values, Fast is the highest DPS still, fast weapons however are fare more susceptible to being blocked, and the cooldown from being blocked is the same across all weapon types, so it suffers the worst when every other hit gets blocked. Whereas slow weapons do a ton of their damage per-hit, and medium is kinda in between. V. Fast is immune to block, but being hit in melee will often stagger you out of your attack, its slow dps, but effective, making it best for 1v1. Also V.Fast often makes the most use of many legendary effects making them absurdly powerful when you find them.

1.7 - Unarmed Weapons

Unarmed, the neglected stepchild of the weapon categories. I buffed nearly every unarmed weapon, and not on purpose, theres only 5 weapons.

So my thoughts here was to make Unarmed, which shares attack speeds with medium melee, more powerful than medium melee. Why? 1) unarmed is limited purely to medium, it has no slow, fast, or v.fast options, at all. 2) Unarmed weapons cant be used in power armor, so if you are using these weapons, you have to go without the added protection. 3) Incentive to actually invest in it at all, and not just use the multipurpose melee tree.

Power Fist - Upped damage of the puncturing mod considerably, and added very considerable energy damage to the heated coils (It will do way more energy, than physical damage)

Deathclaw Gauntlet - Upped damage of the extra claw, this will be your biggest "single hit" weapon, at the cost of having no split damage like the power fist.

Brass Knuckles - Nearly doubled damage so that its better than the machete.

Meat Hook - Extra hooks mod buffed considerably, worse damage than deathclaw or power fist, but better than Brass Knuckles.

Guns I didn't change:


Syringer - Maybe ill do something with this, as far as I'm concerned its a neglected weapon because its just too situational/complicated, not balance reasons. Most players instincts are going to be to just use a real gun that kills people, rather than try to use a syringe to cause a status effect.

Gamma Gun - If its susceptible to rad damage, this gun hurts it quite a lot, and things that aren't, this gun does a reasonable amount of damage that just ignores DT entirely.

Thirst Zapper

This mod is not compatible with mods that change the stats of weapons, ammunition's, or their mods. This includes mods like "Better Mod Descriptions" as that mod merely makes manual edits to the mods description, which would be overwritten by my mod as well as made factually incorrect. If someone really wants to make a version of my mod that incorporates something like that, feel free, but its very very tedious amount of work and I will not be doing it myself.


1.1 Update:

Modified pipe guns

1.1.1 Update:

Tweaked the "Two-shot" legendary effect to debuff the "cone of fire" by 50% instead of 150% as this caused weapons like
the double barrel shotgun that already had very wide cones, to be almost
comical in how wide the cone was (to the point that using the shotguns
reticle just to interact with stuff was difficult.)

If you have a mod that affects legendary effects and would rather have that mods
version of the Two-Shot effect, just put it after mine in the load

1.2 Update:

Modified Harpoon Gun

1.3 Update: Weight Loss

Ever think the Assault Rifle is utterly absurdly heavy for a weapon outside
the "big guns" category? Especially compared to plasma rifles that
weight under 10! Hell, the Gatling Laser, one of the most ammo efficient
weapons in the game with huge DPS is only 13 points heavier and thats
only if you have the charging barrels mod, otherwise they are
practically the same weight! Not to mention the fact that fallout 4
pretty much has the exact same inventory/weight system as Fallout 3/New
Vegas, some items even retaining their old weight values, but most
rifles are more than 3 times heavier than their F3 counterparts! (The
Chinese Assault Rifle had a weight of 7. SEVEN.)

This update modifies the weights of many of the "rifle" weapons that fall under the
rifleman and commando perks, as well as a small tweak to the weight of
the missile launcher. The goal was to bring the rifle weapons into the
range of 15 weight or lower, with some small exceptions. This should
make picking a rifle based character a bridge between big guns and
pistols, instead of just slightly lighter big guns.

To keep big guns competitive, the flamer has received a slight buff, and the minigun
a more considerable buff, the accelerated barrels should now out-dps
the assault rifle slightly.

1.4 Update:

I don't often nerf weapons, and I was hesitant to do it to one of my absolute
favorite weapons in the game, but when I can easily use the word
"trivialize" to describe what it does to the game, I have to do what I
have to do. Gatling Laser Damage Nerfed, Max Ammo increased.

In addition, I would like to apologize! I mention in the description for
the missile launcher that I would provide a optional plugin to remove
the explosive damage buffs from the heavy gunner perks! I wrote that
before I had finished the mod on the unpublished mod page, and had not
created such a plugin. When the mod was ready for release and published,
I completely forgot I had made that promise! I don't know if anyone
even wanted it, nobody commented mentioning its absence, but regardless,
better late than never, right?

1.5 Update

Updated two named legendary weapons, Aeternus, and the Wazer Wifle. NOTE: These changes will not apply if you have the weapon already, due to the
way named weapons are handled this only affects the spawning of the
weapon, to apply the new legendary effects you will need to either do it
manually with console commands, or use a mod that allows the crafting
and replacing of legendary effects.

1.6 Update

Ever get a new rank of Gun Nut, rush off to upgrade your weapons, and see one of
the newly unlocked mods is a pure downgrade of another mod you also
unlocked and just wonder "Who would ever use this mod?" I mean sure, the
material cost is cheaper, but its more of a waste to settle for the
worse mod, than it is to just go buy 1 duct tape, or loot the nearest
raider camp for supplies. I have reduced the perk requirements of
several redundant mods so that they can be utilized earlier.

1.7 Update

This thanksgiving im giving any melee (And Unarmed!) players something to be thankful for, actual melee tweaks! In addition, the poisoners legendary effect has been buffed to do 5 damage per second, for 30 seconds, instead of 3 for 10. I felt this fair because Bleed, while only doing 5 for 5, stacks on itself, poison does not. Poison = Pop and wait. Bleed = Rip and tear. Also the Gauss rifle has had its ammo tweaked slightly.

1.8 Update

Massive buffs to the Tesla rifle, and some smaller buffs to the laser musket and harpoon gun.

1.8.1 Update

Little late on this, but added some compatibility for weapon skins, I cannot confirm that these work with creation club skins as I don't have them and cannot test them. I added the keywords to every gun this mod changes, so this should also help support campatability with mods that use these new keywords to make custom skins for guns not originally included in the creation club line up. This only offers partial compatibility with mods like Gunmetal weapon skins however, as that mod uses its own custom keywords for certain guns. Place weapon skin mods before this one in the load order, or they will overwrite my edits.

1.8.2 Update

Fixed the Cyrolator having the wrong ammo count after five years of nobody noticing.

Check out my other mods on my profile for similar stuff! Including a perk rebalance, and a mod to add more rechamber modifications to weapons!

This mod is no longer supported on PS4 platforms, due to an error with the creation kit believing certain mesh files are part of my mod, while I can remove these in the upload process for the XB1 version, the PS4 version just throws an error and tells me to remove these nonexistant files. Blame Bethesda (For how bad the upload process is) and Sony (For not allowing any files other than .esp's)